The Ark seemes to be a resonate cavity

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Multiple Ark of the Covenants?Bob Paddock ( [email protected] )
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>As much as I want to think high voltage, massive discharges at some key
>frequency, into heavy stones might somehow lose weight, this Ark
>business has now become highly suspect to my view.

When I was fairly young my Dad took me to a movie, it was a
documentary being narrated by “Capt. Kirk”, W.Shatner
(sp?). Probably in the late 1960’s, like 68 or 69.

It may have been “Chariots of the God’s” but I’ve never been
sure. I do know that many times “Chariots of the God’s” has
been scheduled to play on TV or HBO where at air time “We
are not able show you ‘Chariots of the God’s’ due to technical
difficulties. We are going to air X.” Where in the HBO
case they aired “The Late Great Planet Earth”. Don’t recall
what they sub’d on TV.

Any way, in this movie of my youth the part I remember is
that a Professor at some collage, perhaps the University of
Minnesota, but like rest of this message am unsure, built a
copy of the Ark, based on the Bible description.

“The copy of the Ark produced so much power that it was
dangerous to be around, and had to be destroyed.”

In T.B.Pawlikies “How To Build A UFO” he says that one could
be built using Pine and Aluminum Foil.

Know of any one that tried (and lived to tell about it???)?

The Ark to me always seemed like it would be a resonate
cavity. To speculate T.T.Brown thought Gravity was a
Frequency in one of his papers. What if the Ark resonated
at that frequency or a like one?

One more piece of speculation if Bruce Cathy is right in his
Harmonics series of books, the units of measure are a bit
different today then they would have been back then.
Probably unclear to many. If I recall Cathy said that the
“Inch” should be more like “1.1 Inches” to match the
scaling of Old. To contradict that tho, the Professor in
the Movie probably didn’t know any thing about Cathy.

“Build it and They will Come…”???????

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