The Breakdown Of Different Gangs


These gang groups I will mention came from a secret source that doesn’t want to be mentioned. She is now an ex blood and street member. She described them as 4 main groups altho she knows there are more. I supplied the rest of the info.
Rips Rips are a group that rip people up or rip people off. Thier enemies are RD.
RD RD do magic, drugs and assasination. They are a power group that tell other groups what to do. RD mostly keep to themselves. Thier enemies are Rips and Blood and street.

Blood and street Blood and street kill if crossed or when they feel like it. Enemies are Bang bangers.
Bang Bangers Bang bangers meet friday and saturday doin sex and drugs. Enemy is Street and blood.
Hackers Hackers try to get into other systems and steal from it or change something and sometimes are druggists. They use large computer arrays to mask thier activities and speak a different language. The activities are sometimes to get the code of shareware, uncripple crippleware and make key generators for shareware to unlock the registered features. Thier enemies are Rippers.
Warez Pirate Warez pirates steal software to share it. This consists of any shareware, crippleware or bought software with the key code. Warez pirates have a similiar language to hackers. They tend not to share thier name and address to protect those they share with, in case of government questioning. They are enemies of rippers.

Rippers Rippers are those that steal from Warez pirates, Hackers and rip off money. They rape as well. Enemies of Warez pirates, Hackers and Bongers.

Bonger Bongers are those that steal, rob and do drugs. They meet on a daily basis in a protected area or friends house to do pot. They don’t use guns. Enemies are Rippers.

Blood Gang
Vampire gang that hides in other groups, often to meet in secret. Known to avoid churches, willing to kill, then suck the blood, out of the victim. They steal any item, of importance to them, If discovered, they kill the the person, who discloses them, and makes an example of them, before the “private” execution. When they kill, they use any means possible, to leave the body, for those they dislike, to find. They speak a secret language. If they catch others, using it, not of the gangs, then they kill them after torture. Either than that, they don’t get crossed, not even from insults