The Cause for Increasing Natural Catatrophes and Climate Change

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Natural catastrophes are not necessarily natural. Its origin exists in human intervention on light and dark cycle of nature and energy flow, which leads to creation of the negative energy and its accumulation. The system tries to dispel the negative energy resulting in natural catastrophes. They increase enormously when the quantum wave associated with the quantum world dangerously oscillates and this is the cause for the increase in natural catastrophes since 2001 and expected to peak both in its magnitude and number before 2012. The cause for the collapse comes from relentless reckless exploitation of nature with out understanding nature and the basic relationship governing it. It exists in human mind and its conquering motive and corruption. Our survival of the quantum wave collapse, alleviating the violent reaction of mother earth exists in knowing the Truth and retreating in to Her and the Spirit that governs Her or realizing the spiritual reality of nature


·                  Introduction

·                  Simple design of nature

·                  Origin of natural catastrophes

Introduction: In the recent past humanity has been witnessing an increase in the intensity and magnitude of natural catastrophes, like floods, forest fire, earthquakes and volcanoes. What is peculiar is that when some parts getting flooded intensively, another part is burning and the best of western system is failing to control it. Common sense tells us it has some relationship. Just as the day and night are opposite but form two parts of one whole cycle, these phenomena are mutual opposites, which are one.  They are possibly the reactions of the mother earth to balance her self and are directly related to unilateral Human exploitation of nature without understanding the interrelationship and oneness of nature. I have been trying to call the attention of the world for quite some time to this relationship and the fact that by his ignorance and conquering motive humanity is getting trapped in greater and greater vortex of destruction.


My evaluations are turning right with each year passing by. Scientist and organizations very often speak at length about loss of forest and greenery as the cause of decreased rain fall, drought, depleting water table, and so on. It cautioned humanity to a scenario in future where humanity for want of rain and drought will suffer.  No body can have second question about the role of plants and forest in cycle of seasons.  But what humanity in his conquering motive and corruption is forgetting is his role in the whole scenario.


What is happening in the world is very much in contrast to the expectations. There is no decrease in total rainfall. What is happening is that its predictability is going out of hand. The seasons are getting upset, some areas the rate of down pour increasing causing floods, and else where the consequence is opposite of it. The law of nature tells us that when something winds down something in the opposite should unwind. When there is unusual destruction by water in one side then there should exist unusual destruction on the opposite by fire. It is the way nature balances. [ The whole site is an exercise to call the attention of the world to this fundamental principle and design of Nature]


The cause directly lies in human intervention on nature. By his ignorance he is expressing his conquering motive and corruption with out understanding the interrelationship and oneness of nature and in the process human administration is digging its own grave. The west dominated by Christian by its ignorance and the material power is out to conquer the world by killing the sacred life, and east by its ignorance is opposing it by the same path. There is element of natural truth in this opposition – that is sustenance through opposition, but the direction as a whole is leading to total annihilation. Unless the world as a whole both scientific and religious power, awakens to the interrelationship and oneness of nature there is little hope for humanity.


You do not have to be a scientist, nor do you need any elaborate instruments to predict the future or know the cause for it. All you have to do is to stop and look back, allow your senses to work freely. I have noted that life, with the exception human being, getting aware of the on coming changes in nature in one or the other form and getting prepared for it. Only humanity lacks this natural ability to perceive danger, from the environment. This so because he has shut his senses and is occupied with material gadgets to act upon nature and conquer it. In the process, he fails to observe or perceive the reaction of the actions that is returning to him. To know it we must know the simple design of nature.

Simple Design of Nature

Nature works on a simple Cyclic Design.  It has a phase in which it goes from left to right in an expansive manner and returns to the starting point in a contractive manner and starts journey right to left into an expansive phase only to return back completing the cycle. In other words it has expanding and contracting phase or day and night cycle that is paired. The light is the active and expanding phase that causes disorder and the dark is the contracting phase where order returns or nature repairs it self. This cycle of light and day has a fixed time

The quantum vision we saw tells us our world can be equally divided in 8 parts [See Fundamental Particle]. . In the state of existence, it has dominant component and a recessive component, the other six form an intermediate step that help the flow. Let us not forget we live in a quantum world with an associated wave. Let us not forget we live in a world that is competitively exploiting the fossil fuels and thus adding temperature unilaterally day and night to the environment causing an expansion peak. Mother earth is thus is forced to create contractive peak to balance the wave that is associated with the quantum world. Beyond a point it is natural that she starts reacting.


The Origin of Natural Catastrophes

Let us now evaluate the cause of natural disasters by analyzing our action on mother earth in terms of our action on nature through our competitive exploiting and corruptive mentality with out understanding the oneness of nature.

1] Our day to day action in our life, over exploitation natural fuels, competitive existence with conquering and corrupt motive is releasing huge amount of heat with every passing moment, causing disorder, increasing friction and thus influencing the quantum world and its wave in which we exist, pushing it unilaterally to certain limit.

2] With in this over all direction and the wave we also create great aberrations by way of testing of nuclear bombs, mother bombs, bombarding a small area of the whole earth with all the power of ammunition one has developed. I am hinting to the action such as that occurred in Afghanistan and Iraq, as retaliation to terrorism, without thinking of the origin of terrorism and consequences of such war.  [ This in spite of the fact the interrelationship and oneness of nature and the possible consequences from the point of unification theory was communicated to the highest office determining the fate of the world]

It is common sense that when such huge release of power occurs in short period in a small area, it disturbs the universal wave that is associated with the whole. How it affects the universal wave and energy state of the system is explained in the following figure.



Positve and Negative energy accumulation


Our action can be positive and negative on one of the component of space. Such action can produce the opposite action on the opposite. The negative actions results in the creation of negative energy getting locked in the system. Both these actions beyond certain limit causes disastrous fluctuations in the environment.  They can create fluxions that are positive and negative.

Nature is designed to balance.  The randomness of actions it self helps it a great deal to balance the system. The actions both positive and negative done in the west during the day is balanced in the night when the east [the opposite] comes to day and vice-versa. This self-repairing ability of nature is severely affected when man fails to differentiate between day and night and makes intrusion into the nights and tries to conquer it. For example if a huge explosion is done in the night, one creates a negative action and thus creates negative energy which gets caught up in the system and struggles to get out. [We must note night is a period when the system is going into a winding state]. Negative energy is like a cancerous cell getting developed in a human system which in order to escape kills the system.

What this means is that the universe is inter related and all natural catastrophes and great fluctuations or explosions right on earth and elsewhere in the solar system and the outer sky  [solar flare and exploding stars] are directly related to the activities on earth.

If one does a huge explosion during the day on the left it causes on the opposite a sudden compression. This phenomenon’s can change the flow of energy in the system affecting both the earth’s environment and the core of the earth creating stress. The stress is released during the critical states of quantum existence of nature that is manifested as climatic cycles [when left turns right].  In the composite world this could mean some parts suddenly experiencing floods, the opposite experiencing fire, the earth crust then moves to create earth quake and volcanic eruptions and so on. Thus much of the drastic climatic changes are related to our own actions on nature.

This in relation to the wholesome knowledge of the system and the direction of time calls for special attention.

The following figure gives you the quantum nature of the wave in the universal system and how it changes in relation to directed time.


Quantim wave normal state - winding time



There is a wave to the Quantum Universal System.  This wave has 8 components but manifest as two waves one dominant the other recessive. When the dominant is directed to the periphery the time is directed to the periphery. The instinct of the system wishes to remain fluctuating around the equilibrium point. But by human intelligence and its intervention on nature, a time direction gets set and takes it to the limit.  The following figure shows what happens when the system tends to the periphery. Energy flows resulting in transformation and change in direction of time occurs.


Quantum wave - minimal state



The following figure shows the change in direction leading to another critical end at which a new pulse needs to be created
























quantum wave normal state - expanding time




Quantum wave - maximum state



The system design notes that we are in the transition phase at the periphery our negative actions are leading to the disorder of the system. In such a situation the ability of the nature to repair her self is greatly reduced.  Naturally the great action we create returns to us quickly in such situation. The drastic increase in natural catastrophes in recent times [see article Climatic Change] could be related to it.




Quantum wave - changing direction



A well known Russian scientist Alexey N. Dmitriev has recorded tell tale signs of our solar system undergoing transformation and pole shift. See article “Planetophysical Change in Earth and Life” in the site http://www.tmgnow.com also see Divine Cosmos http://ascension2000.com

By all symptoms of nature, taking into consideration Great Mayan Knowledge, The Vedas. Bible, Koran and so on, it appears that the quantum collapse of the universal system is already underway.  The next few years could be catastrophic, the great misery will end and peace and order will return when human kind realizes the truth of nature and yields to it.


If you are bombarding limited area in the dark, then you are interfering in the natural way of nature to dissipate the non-equilibrium force. This will create accumulation of negative energy in pockets, making many ecological systems including humanity highly unstable and it erupts in negative way spontaneously. This is highly destructive. This build up of destructive force is impossible to measure by any instruments. It can only be perceived by sensitive minds that are without self.

Extending the theory of oneness to the whole, it directly means ever the increasing Solar Flares, black holes, volcanoes, floods, fire, earth quakes and all those phenomenon’s of the universe is related to human actions. Only thing that can save humanity is the knowledge of interrelationship and oneness.

The origin of natural catastrophes is as simple as that.  There is no doubt that with the advancement of science and immense capacity to exploit the power hidden in matter, our ability to disturb nature and its basic cycle has increased. Humanity, in his greed to conquer and corrupt has forgotten the basic principle that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.   The blood shed on earth in the name of war on terrorism is totally false because the root of terrorism lies in war. No war on terrorism can be won by war; more the war on terrorism more will be the terrorism and bloodshed. Only true Knowledge or Light can save the situation for mankind.

Our age old knowledge before science came into existence was built on sense perception. Nature was then understood by humanity in terms of two basic forces, Fire and Earth. It is assisted by two more elements Wind and Water respectively. Wherever fire ignites, wind generates. This in turn ignites an earth force that generates rain that balances the nature. One is expanding the other is contracting.


Nature is designed in such a way that when one part is awake the other part is sleeping. Nature cannot sustain herself, when all the parts of the world join hands either positively or negatively. Opposition is an essential aspect of existence. West and East have different roles to play, for the existence of the whole. Light has no meaning with out the existence of darkness.

However, by the ignorance of the wave and its origin and interrelationship, on one hand humanity is increasing the temperature of the earth to certain peak on the other hand he also has been acting against Mother Earth’s process of stabilizing it. If our action is within limit the nature releases the stress. However if it is beyond limit it is caught in the system as negative flow.


These negative flows accumulate, much the same way our negative action accumulate negative energy and begins to surface as irritation, anger, disease, suicidal, tendencies, and so on.   Mother nature dispels the stress built on her in order to balance and maintain her. Humanity ignorant of the functioning of the whole builds the negative stress and takes it to the critical limit and calls it natural catastrophes!!!


[This reality struck me more than decade back and I did try to call the attention of the world to it. I knew the world, which is mesmerized by science, would not stand up to this type of sense experiences. Therefore, I embarked on the Unification Theory, trying to bring out at the fundamental level, the importance of human life and his actions. I did call the attention of the world leaders to this theory. I clearly pointed that reckless attack on Afghanistan, and Hind Kush Mountains will only creates earthquakes, drastic climatic changes and associated natural catastrophes. The world has seen severe earthquakes and worst floods and cyclones and fires since then]


After September 11th the world is awakened to another form of natural catastrophe ”“ Terrorism. The whole world has declared war on it, with out analyzing the root of it. The root of it very definitely lies in war. Terrorism is the recessive form of war, unleashed by the suppressed lot. War cannot destroy terrorism it can only increase it. I see the attack on World Trade Center and terrorism as a product of human conquering motive and corruption. It is the results of negative energy, built in the consciousness of recessive and the oppressed and the world is only increasing it. Worst disasters are going to come from this field.


The present state of the world lies in the failure of humanity to know his human nature. The fault lies in the elder brother exploiting the younger without knowing the truth of family. It has its root in the ignorance, fear and negative intent. It is a design of the evil to destroy humanity.  If the elder were to be understanding and loving, the younger would not have revolted. We are going to see a increase in the magnitude and number of earth quakes, floods, fires, drought worst of all, the religious tension and destruction.


If there is any thing that can save humanity and earth, then it is “Light”. ”“ The knowledge of interrelationship and oneness of nature. Yes light will shine one day, but I wonder how many of us will survive to see it. Jesus Will Return and Lord Shiva Will dance his destructive dance on humanity and then defeat human “I” by opening His Third Eye.

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