The Claddagh Spell

Find yourself bickering too much with the one you love? Wish to infuse your relationship with peace and harmony? Perhaps, the claddagh spell can help secure a peaceful balance between you and your loved one. In this article, you will learn how to cast this spell, which focuses on the tradition of the claddagh , the symbol of two hands clasped around a heart with a crown that signifies friendship.

During any day of the week, the full strength of this spell is experienced on a night with a full moon. Before you perform the claddagh spell, you will need the following materials:

Matches or lighter
1 pale blue candle (measuring 6 to 8 inches)
1 ink pen with black ink
2 square pieces of plain white paper (measuring 8 inches)
1 large potato
1 sharp kitchen knife
1 fine red cord (measuring 24 inches long)

How to Cast the Claddagh Spell

First, you will cast a circle. Upon lighting the pale blue candle, recite ‘Blessed be the full moon/ And the high tide/ Enmity washed away/ Harmony washed in.’ Place your right palm down on one sheet of paper and with the pen, draw an outline of it on the page. Next, draw an outline of what you think the outline of your partner’s left hand looks like. On the palm, write his or her initial.

Place your right palm on your imprint and your left in the imprint of your partner’s hand. Chant the following for nine times: ‘Let there be peace and harmony/ As I will it, so mote it be.’

Clasping your hands together, say: ‘May what I have in my hands take root.’ Make sure that your hands are palm to palm as you recite the above words. Place the two hand outlines palm to palm and fold the paper five times. Cut the potato in half and scoop out the insides, Place the folded paper in the hollowed out section of the potato. With the cord, bind the two halves together. Without wasting any time, bury the potato outside in the ground.

Background Information on the Claddagh

The claddagh symbol has a history that traces back to Ireland. Endless examples of jewelry have used the symbol with rings leading the way. Lovers and friends alike purchase artwork and jewelry for one another to symbolize a deep friendship. A variety of cultures view the claddagh as a symbol that friendly gestures are in the near future. As the image suggests, the hands are nearly completing a handshake.

In regards to this spell, the clasped hands serve as a signal that both parties wish to bring peace into the relationship, especially when difficult times are surrounding their relationship. Before casting the spell, the outcome will be much better if a bit of time is spent reflecting on the root of issues within the relationship. This spell generally does not work is a partner is exhibiting dangerous or violent tendencies.

Resource: The Spells Bible by Ann-Marie Gallagher