The Creepy Symbolism Appearing in the 2013 Fall-Winter Louis Vuitton Campaign

Print advertising is considered an art form in many circles, and companies are constantly pushing the envelope of what the public and magazines will accept. This form of advertising is also a common approach used to spread the agenda and message of secret societies, mind control, and other groups with questionable intentions. In regards to the 2013 Fall-Winter Louis Vuitton campaign, it leaves one to think ‘what the heck are they trying to say’ with their choice of artistic representation for the photo shoot.

Whether or not the imagery that shines through in the Louis Vuitton campaign for the 2013 Fall-Winter season is an intentional move to reference Illuminati-related or mind control MK Ultra symbolism, it doesn’t matter. There are distinct pieces of symbolism that call out to viewers regardless of the amount of background information they lack in regards to the Illuminati and other secret societies/agendas.

The bulk of the 2013 Fall-Winter campaign materials concentrate on the attire typically worn at a masquerade ball, where guests come in costume (often hiding their face or using some sort of mask or face covering). A video titled ‘L’Invitation Au Voyage – Venice’ and accompanying photos include a singing David Bowie at the piano with a flock of party-goers in Venetian dress enjoying themselves.

Below you will find many different ways that this concept is expressed, which includes single eye symbolism and imagery often associated with multiple personalities and mind control. Many of the characters seen below appear in the David Bowie short music clip.

One of the first ‘masked’ revelers seen in the video is the woman seen above with the black and white painted face. When taking a closer look, you’ll see that the design on her face is of a silhouette image of two faces. This ‘multiple’ face theme is one that references to MK Ultra programming, where victims undergo practices that create a slave mentality or mind-controlled persona.  Another form of this programming is called Kitten Programming (or Sex Kitten Programming), where exotic cat prints are used as representation of this type of mind control. The man below not only represents single eye symbolism with the eye patch that he wears, but part of his helmet is also decorated with cheetah print.

The act of wearing a mask with multiple faces (or personas) is not unusual in social circles of the ‘elite’. The mask most recently worn by the man on the left is quite similar to the one worn by the man on the right, who was a guest of an elite masked ball held more than 40 years ago at one of the mansions of Marie-Hélène de Rothschild. She belonged to one of the most influential elite families in the world. The Surrealist Ball took place at Château de Ferrières, and for the most part has been quite secretive – yet a few photographs have managed to make their way into the public’s eye.

A party-goer in the music video clip uses a rather creepy-looking peacock like fan to hide her face, which is decorated with a strip of eyes that looks like a collection of all-seeing eyes.

Another character wears a mask made of fractured mirrors – a reference to MK Ultra mind control or a ‘fractured’ personality. The woman on the right is yet another example of single eye symbolism.