The Curious Illuminati Symbolism Found in R. Kelly’s Latest Project

R. Kelly is a talented entertainer who has been in the music business for quite a long time. Despite an overly sexual and questionable past that includes highly publicized accusations regarding the videotaping of illegal acts involving an underage girl in 2002, he’s stayed active in the industry. The incident found the singer fighting for his freedom at a trial. With what would have severely damaged the reputation and image of other musicians, R. Kelly persevered nearly unharmed in the matter, which is why some people feel that he must have very powerful ties to the industry, such as the Illuminati. In his latest album release, the singer has got a few accompanying pieces of imagery and symbolism that are raising a few eyebrows across social media outlets.

R. Kelly dodged a serious bullet with his sex trial, being acquitted of all charges despite what seemed like a good amount of evidence against him. Because of this, and the success that the artist has enjoyed over the years – it could lead some to believe that he may have much more than a guardian angel looking out for him. There is no doubt that the singer has talent, but the entertainer with endless sexually charged lyrics and messages of promiscuity – higher ups have not turned their back on this money-making machine.

R. Kelly is officially releasing his twelfth studio album (titled ‘Black Panties’) on December 10, 2013. The first video and other promotional materials associated with the release of his album called ‘Cookie’ follow in the same vein as his previous creations.

There are two separate pieces of symbolism to note in the below image. For starters, R. Kelly is pointing to one of his eyes – embracing the single eye symbolism often associated with the Illuminati. He is also wearing a team hat for the Chicago Bulls, which depicts a horned bull. R. Kelly is from Chicago, so it is not unusual to see him supporting his home team. However, some on the Internet have pointed out that the bull symbolism is one tied to the sacrifice of young girls. Quite interesting if you take into account the past of the singer.

Lastly, in the video, R. Kelly is seen walking down a staircase wearing a curious-looking necklace. However, to those who are knowledgeable in Freemasonry traditions, the necklace with a pentagram hanging below is one similar to what Freemasons wear.

Another nod to single eye symbolism is the mask that R. Kelly wears in the photography for album promotional materials. Wearing a Phantom of the Opera-type of mask, the singer is seen using the body of a woman as his personal cello.

As a prolific musician, it’s only natural that R. Kelly would collaborate with others, and has often worked with entertainers who also have suspected ties to the Illuminati. With Kanye West, they joined forces for the ‘Cruel Summer’ project. R. Kelly and Jay-Z from the infamous Rock-a-fella Records not only created an entire album together, but did it twice. The first, titled ‘The Best of Both Worlds,’ was released in 2002. The second collaboration between the two artists, called ‘Unfinished Business’ was released in 2004. R. Kelly and Nicki Minaj were scheduled to perform at the Reggae Sumfest in 2008.

Most recently, R. Kelly and Lady Gaga sung together on the hit ‘Do What U Want,’ which made an appearance on Saturday Night Live, as well as featured in a commercial for Dre Beats headphones. He also has separate future projects to be released soon with Lil’ Wayne and Justin Bieber.