The Death of an Ideology

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Approximately 309,000 years, or 12 x 25,750 years of linear based time cycles have passed since your “fall” or devolution into the physical realms of consciousness of the Old World Order. Now out of the Garden of your Eden you then chose to step into the physical incarnational cycles where the separate selfish-self resides. Imprisoned by the will of the separate selfish-self, known as “Devil or evil” within the Abrahamic persuasion, you then made your-self an intellectual prisoner where you created ideologies which helped you make sense of what you had done, and to justify the wrongs created.

As the energies which created the Old World Order dissipates giving space to propagate the energies required to create a New World Order, those same ideologies that gave you comfort will be challenged.

At first, you will become angry, calling ones such as my-self “Fool or Idiot” (as most of you currently do). Yet, once the words of “the fool” begin to resonate within your-self, you will then go through a mourning process much like the death of a dear friend or other loved one.

Once you begin the acceptance phase of your reinstatement, your consciousness will then begin freeing its-self from bias and those preconceived notions in which your separate selfish-self had created outside of universal will. Thus, will become free to explore the endless potential of that godness within the real you, and not the you that you think you had created within the limited perception of the selfish separate-self.

2012 is not the end of the world, but rather is the end of the world that we have co-created, for without a co-creative observer there is nothingness.

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