The Different Dimensions of Reality, and The Third Dimension

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Treatise on Dimensional Physics

Ok, I thought of most of this in the shower about 15 minutes ago (note: 11:40pm, October 28, 2000), so if it seems weird, I’ll re-explain it later on. Just email me at [email protected] and away we go.


Well, as everyone knows, there are currently (in the scientific community at least) 3 recognized dimensions. The first dimension exists on a line. Everything within this dimension is limited to being a dot on a line, which has only length. The dot within itself has no substance or measurement other than the fact that it exists. The dimension, however, has length. The second dimension exists on a plane. Everything within this dimension is limited to being a line or a point. These lines, as above, have only length, and the points have only definition, no length, width, or depth. The plane itself has length and width, extending perpendicularly to the first dimension. The third dimension is somewhat more complicated. It also extends perpendicularly to the second dimension, anything therein can be a plane, a line, a dot, or an object. In three-dimensional space, three-dimensional objects do exist, but the thing is, they are the equivalent of line or plane segments (which could also exist in the first (line segments), and second (plane/line segments) dimensions), three-dimensional ‘segments’. Thusly, our introduction to dimensional physics is complete. From here, it just gets *more* confusing.

The 4th Dimension (No, not time, yet.)

Yes, that’s right, the 4th dimension does NOT where time lives. This has recently changed in my mind, I had always thought, “Oh, well, I guess I’ll just assign all of time to one dimension and leave it in a little box.” But, it is not so. After seeing something for a video game, I’m led to believe that there are 2 parts of the 4th dimension, the physical, and the metaphysical. (Which takes us into the next 4 dimensions, but for now”¦)

Physical 4th dimension: This relates to ‘4th dimensional luggage’ as it is called in the game. It is basically the dimension being expanded in every dimension, perpendicularly, by 1 degree in every direction. If you draw a cube, then draw extensions on every side, of equal length, and you’ll have something that looks like it. The point of 4th dimensional luggage is that (and here’s where the above diagram comes in) a 2″ by 2″ by 2″ square, opened up, with the inside being 4th dimesional, the inside would be exponentially larger. HUH? Well, let’s examine that. 2x2x2=8″. 8″ squared is 64″, making it much larger on the inside than a normal 3 dimensional cube. (Once you read it the 3rd or fourth time, it’ll make sense.)

Metaphysical 4th dimension: This relates to what I call the ‘tesseract’, or the travel form of the 4th dimension. Believe it or not, this is much easier to comprehend, but only because I have a better way of explaining it. Go grab a piece of paper. And a pen. I’ll wait. Ok? Well, now draw a line. Put two points on the line. Label them A and B. Put a point between them. Now, how do you get from A to B without going through the third point? You go to the second dimension, and go around. Now, draw a box. (I know it’s not a plane, but it suffices in my world) Draw a line in the box. Draw one point in each of the parts of the box now sectioned off. How do you get from one to the other? You jump over the line, in the 3rd dimension. Well, now we can’t draw. Let’s say you have a point. Around this point, there’s a sphere. Outside of this sphere, there’s another point. How do you get from A to B? One would immediately say (if you were a member of the scientific community) “A WORMHOLE!” But, if you bend the sphere, there’s still the sphere in the way. Space which is bent is still there. This is my question to you. A tesseract (in theory) would be an area of negative space, which starts at the entrance point, and ends at the exit point. All matter in between is still there, but between the two points, there is nothing, meaning if you enter one side, you come out the other side (like going through a doorway, but if one end of the doorway was here, the other end 100 feet away), but instantaneously. (Though here I must stop and redefine the word instantaneous. It does mean ‘instant travel’ but not ‘travel without time’ because an instant is a measure of time) Confused yet? This, however, is a much safer, and much faster method of travel. When anything is ‘bent’ everything is ‘bent’ along with it. Case in point: If you bend a piece of metal, and it has a picture on it, the picture gets stretched. What I’m really talking about: If you bend space (metal) and it has time tied to it (picture), then time gets bent, when you go through the hole, time passes normally while you are inside the hole (which has distance in and of itself) to everyone else, but less for you. Case in point: If you go through a wormhole from here to Alpha Centauri, then go back, it takes 5 seconds for you, but on earth, enough time passes for you to go there by ‘normal’ transportation and back. (Parabolic time dilation)

Damn that was long. Ok, on to the picture. ^_^

The 5th-8th Dimensions (and no lectoids)

Ti-i-i-ime is on my side, on a line, in a plane, and”¦just disturbing. The 5th through 8th dimensions are basically the same thing as the 1st through 4th (oh yay). 5th dimension is linear time. This is not the time that we experience. It’s each and every event, yes, but it is not linear time. As above, only segments and points can exist on a line. The 6th dimension, however, is the time we live in. Planar time. Where one time ‘line’ exists in the ‘plane’ of possibility. This line, however does not stay the same, always. This is why it is a plane, there are an infinite number of lines in planar time. Why two more dimensions, then? Ah, it only gets more fun from here. The 7th dimension (as I understand it) is cubic, or 3 dimensional time (which is an oxymoron, so I use cubic time, because I like asking for a time cube, it sounds like an ice cube). I hate to say it like this, but cubic time includes the multiverses of possibility, an infinite number of planes (6th dimension) and a multinfinite (sp?) number of lines (5th dimension). The most fun is the 8th dimension. Once again, this needs to be separated. This has to deal with those moments when you jump around. Dreams, thought, out of body experiences, the mind, and the soul all live here. A thought is an event that happens somehow, somewhere, as is a dream, and an out of body experience. You ‘see’ these actions, events, etc. It’s when your ‘line’ jumps to another ‘line’ and ‘sees’ something that doesn’t exist. All of these 8 dimensions exist in unity, but, assistance is needed in moving around any dimension other than the 3rd, 6th*, and 8th. The 6th dimension can be moved through without assistance, but not consciously. Yes, a time line can be altered by actions, but, normally a forward motion is adapted.