The Eridanus Void

The constellation Eridanus has developed over time a massive void of over one billion light-years from end to end.  This conflicts directly with current theories of how the universe should work.  As the universe expands and spins with increasing velocity over the course of time.  Scientists have finally come up with a theory of his this could be possible: the Eridanus Void is the largest black hole in the universe.

The void does not contain anything that indicates there is more than a massive nothing there.  The massive area contains no galaxies, unlike most other observed areas of sky.  And in addition to that, no dark matter appears to emit energy which can be observed.  Though it’s not unheard of for a large area within the universe to contain a massive area filled with nothing, the Eridanus Void interacts with other stars in such a way that suggests it does have gravity, and a massive amount at that.  The only way something could have so much gravity and yet contain nothing, would be if the entire billion light-year space was itself the largest and most destructive place in the known universe – a black hole.

A black hole is an area where mass is so condensed that it collapses in on itself, drawing in all matter and energy around it and allowing nothing to escape.  As black holes remain ever hungrily consuming everything around them, they grow to be more powerful.  Eventually they accumulate so much mass that they can consume entire star systems, causing everything within them to themselves become part of the black hole’s eternal feast.  There is no known force in the universe that can escape the gravitational pull of a black hole.  And the Eridanus Void is thought to be the largest one to have ever existed.

And black holes are not merely limited to the combined power of a single sun.  VIRGOHI21, for example is a black hole that eventually drew in the mass of an entire galaxy, comprised of billions of stars with the average star larger than our own sun.  And even after this massive consumption of all the star systems within the VIRGOHI21 galaxy, the black hole is ever on the prowl for more mass.  The incredible amount of power from the VIRGOHI21 has caused several galaxies to actually be pulled toward it.  If given enough time it is assumed they will be consumed as well giving the massive black hole even more power than before.  Of course this is nothing compared to the estimated weight of the Eridanus void which will no doubt be one of the competitors when all black holes in the universe eventually swirl around each other and are consumed by one another.

And now we finally may have identified this force which may eventually be the final super-concentrated destination of the Earth, the stars, and all other matter in the universe.  Of course even if this theory holds, it isn’t something to worry about just yet.  The universe will be around for a period of time far longer than anything we could possibly imagine.  And after this seemingly eternal period of Eons, some theorists propose that all the matter in the universe will tip the scales into causing the black hole to explode.  During this time the universe may start all over again either exactly how it was before, or differently.  Interestingly, if all the energy in the universe were to manifest in exactly the same way throughout eternity, this would mean that we would essentially live the same lives over and over again.  Science quickly becomes philosophy in this case as it seems motivation to live life in the way we wished throughout eternity.