The Fashion World Has Seemed to Have Lost Its Satanic, Illuminati, Mind-Controlling Minds

Every turn of a magazine page is sure to provide a glimpse into the deep, dark hole that fashion and the entertainment industry have fallen into. As photographers, fashion designers, and companies attempt to push the envelope regarding just how far they can “take it,” the results include some of the most offensive, twisted, and intentional uses of symbolism associated with Satan, the Illuminati (and other secret societies), as well as mind control.

While some imagery and statements are blatantly made, others are not so obvious and harder to decipher with the untrained eye. A few recent ones to take note of include are mentioned below:

During London’s Men Fashion Week, models took to the catwalk to show off the latest designer creations, and one collection of menswear has certainly caught the attention of the public in more ways than one. Bobby Abley contributed a host of demented-looking concepts that sent an eye-catching message.

Aside from the clothing  being worn, the models all had one thing in common. They had special mouthpieces in place that pried their mouths to stay in an open position. The contraptions looked uncomfortable, painful, and most tellingly…forced. It was a rather disturbing sight that can lead to a number of interpretations, including forced submission, mind control, and slave mentalities…all things that could happen if a New World Order totalitarian government were allowed to take place.

Moving on, a few of Abley’s models wore significant pieces upon their heads. Some of the models wore black or white horned caps to match their outfits. One model wearing a black horned cap showed off a short-sleeved shirt with ‘R.I.P.’ written on the front with a long-sleeved shirt underneath with a barbed wire design. The model dressed in a white horned cap wore a shirt adorned with black-flying birds.

Another model wore a pink creation that resembled a set of the iconic Mickey Mouse ears from Disney – quite interesting since Mickey Mouse is associated with its own form of mind control referred to as ‘Mickey Mouse programming.’ To further add to the ensemble’s message, the fuzzy pink sweater worn by this same model says ‘Brains’ with the number ‘0’ underneath.

Fashions that glorify known Illuminati, occult and Satanic symbolism often have a captivating effect on people, especially today’s youth. The increase of such symbols has made things like Devil horns, pentagrams, and all-seeing eye pyramids more and more acceptable in our culture. What was once seen as blasphemous and evil is becoming easily integrated into mainstream fashion design and personal statements. This has led some to “go the distance” when paying homage to seemingly evil and morally offensive symbols and concepts, such as tattooing their body with them.

For example, a picture posted recently by Kendall Jenner (sister to Kim Kardashian) depicts an animal skull shirt with a hand displaying a similar finger tattoo. This leads one to believe that the young model has gotten a tattoo that pays homage to Baphomet – a known figure related to Satanism and the occult. Real or fake – the fact that she is embracing such imagery is rather telling.