The Force

Physicists’ goal is to unify all the known forces into one. Gravity, electromagnetic and nuclear forces are not ruled by the same physics laws. It is not good for a scientific point of view. Indeed, science want to be able to determine the behavior of any object and thus need a theory of everything which work with a single force. It is like a research of god and in this regard science and religion have the same goal. It is also similar to the finding of your self. Knowing who you are is also the finding of the force that define you. What is this force that govern the universe? no one knows yet. What is the force that define you? Everybody knows that will power is the force that govern you and your behavior. Can this force be also the force that govern the universe?

In fact, it is what religions say about the universe. God is the universal will that decide what happen on Earth and everywhere in the universe. In your self, will is the precursor of your actions. It is always before your actions. Every action have been thought by your will consciously or unconsciously. Then, when your actions start they are governed by the other forces (electromagnetism, nuclear force an gravity). Will is in fact materialized by these forces. But, you are not alone, and other will affect your world even when your will doesn’t want. Also some events happen even when everybody’s will don’t want. It seems that another will exists that affect our world even without our consent. The answer to this enigma is God.

God is the universe’s will. It is more than the sum of each individual will. It can affect everything and it is what it does every moment. The world is always changing according to god’s thoughts. God’s will is in fact the unification of all other forces and the process of materialization (creation in our materialistic point of view) is the division of the unique force (god’s will) into several other forces. Science is the reverse process. It tries to find the unique force from the material world. It is like religion in this regard. God’s will has created the universe and all life in it as well as it change the world every moment in time. Does science will be able to attain god’s will, the unified force? Is it part of god’s thoughts ?