The Gates’ Foundation Role in Africa’s AGRA Program ”“ GMO Seeds & Plants with Sterilization Components

Not only does the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation fund programs that develop and distribute vaccines to developing countries with questionable outcomes, but they also have a hand in GMO biotechnology that has come under fire over the years. Along with David Rockefeller’s Rockefeller Foundation, the Gates’ Foundation helps fund the former UN chief, Kofi Annan’s project known as The Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA). However, what seems like projects steered towards helping Africans in agriculture may have a more disturbing motive.

With an array of goals slated for 2020, such as doubling the income of 20 million small farmers and reducing food insecurity by 50% in 20 countries, AGRA is a program that has attracted criticism over the years.

On one hand, the foundations aim to support PhD programs at universities in Ghana and South Africa, but they also promote the creation and distribution of genetically-engineered foods. For instance, they have a project centered on creating disease-resistant strains of cassava, which develops immunity to common diseases. Some criticize the AGRA for using a quick technological fix to solve agricultural issues, and fear that farmers will lose power over their own seeds because they will feel compelled to purchase from the large corporations.

Since AGRA is pushing for African farmers to embrace genetic use restriction technology, it creates a dependency on outside companies. The farmers will need them to get new seeds for their crops in the future. The program additionally creates a dependence on herbicides ”“ a downside is the development of super-weeds to go along with the genetically-modified crops.

There have also been reports that the Gates Foundation will work with companies, such as Cargill and Monsanto (a company we’ve previously highlighted for its questionable activities and products), to put aggressive plans into effect to promote strains of genetically modified soy in Mozambique and other countries.

Overall, the GMO seeds are pushed onto the developing countries with misleading terminology, such as ‘bio-technology.’ These are the kinds of things that the money funneled from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is being used for in developing nations. To boot, many chemicals and questionable techniques have been used to produce the seeds and other agricultural components that contain toxins known to cause damage to pregnant women, as well as generate plants with anti-sperm antibodies.

For example, there have been corn plants made with genetic engineering techniques that have incorporated the antibodies from women with a rare condition known as immune infertility. They learned how to isolate the genes that regulated the manufacture of those infertility antibodies, which when inserted into the genes of the average corn seed, creates corn plants that can affect the fertility in women.

What it all boils down to is that the Gates’ Foundation has funded programs that send GMO corn to starving ‘Third World’ populations that have been known to contain hidden spermicides, as well as unidentified sterilization agents in vaccines. These products all have the potential to aid in population reduction ”“ something that the people supporting the New World Order agenda smiles upon.