The Grail and the Alpha Omega – Pt II

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As mentioned in our book, The Serpent Grail, King Arthur was said to have gone into the Underworld to find and retrieve the magical ”˜cauldron of rebirth’ known as the Cauldron of Annwn. Arthur’s descent into the Underworld is told in the Welsh mythical classic, The Mabinogi. It is said that Arthur was accompanied by many men who helped him to find it and so this is where we find the origin of the Grail Quest. The story also relates how dead warriors slain in battle would be placed in this “cauldron,” during the night to re-emerge alive again in the morning ”“ resurrected . . . reborn . . . reincarnated.

This is a very clever metaphor, showing us how all cycles are basically the same ”“ in that they all consist of a positive and negative half ”“ and more importantly, they all include the same two zero-points, (nodes) which were seen as the most significant part of the cycle. To grasp the beauty of this metaphor, we really need to think about what we are being presented with as clues, to see and make the necessary connections.