The Healing Power of Blue Sapphires

Belonging to the corundum family, the blue sapphire is mentioned in Sanskrit and Hindi as being connected to the Saturn, and is used to prevail over any issues related to the planet. In this article, you will learn how to spot a good blue sapphire, as well as other background information.

When blue sapphires are mined, it is not uncommon to find white sapphires and rubies in the same vicinity. Because of this, the gems may display a mixture of colors. However, it is the hardness of the gems that separates them from one another. Rubies are harder than white sapphires, while a blue sapphire is harder than a ruby. When a blue sapphire crystal is found, it possesses 12-sided prisms.

Spotting a Good Blue Sapphire

When looking for a high-quality sapphire, choose specimens that are smooth, transparent, and with an even color throughout. A flawed blue sapphire looks milky and is said to cause poverty. Dull blue sapphires are without brilliance or luster and is believed to harm friends, brothers and other people you have close relationships with. Avoid blue sapphires that have more than one color, as it is thought to increase the potential for anxiety and mental issues. If the sapphire has a greenish tint to it, you may face financial difficulties in the future. A film resembling a cobweb on a blue sapphire is linked to disease.

Rituals Involving Blue Sapphires

It is said to purchase a blue sapphire on a Saturday when Saturn is positioned in Capricorn, Aquarius or Libra. If the blue sapphire weighs 5 carats, some consider the gem a lucky charm. However, the sapphire must be flawless. For the best results, bring your sapphire to a jeweler on the same day it is bought. A ring should be made from a combination of iron, silver, and gold. There is also a certain ratio of metals that is more beneficial for pleasing Saturn. It is said that the best time to wear a blue sapphire ring is in the evening.

Since Saturn is a friend of Venus and Mercury, you can further infuse your ring with power by adding an emerald or diamond into the design. It is important to leave the back of the ring open so that the gemstone has a chance to make contact with the skin.

Healing with Blue Sapphires

When creating the healing paste (referred to as ‘pishthi’) out of a blue sapphire, people have used the mixture to treat diseases of the skin, migraines, nervous conditions, heartburn, lost appetite, colic pains, rheumatism, and a bloated stomach.

High-Quality Blue Sapphires

The best blue sapphires are mined in Kashmir, Salem, Burma, Thailand, and Sri Lanka.