The Healing Power of Coral

Linked to the planet Mars, some people turn their noses up at coral because they tend not to view the gemstone as a real gem. However, for centuries, the healing qualities of coral have been recognized, especially in Ayurveda beliefs. In astrological circles, wearing coral can help overcome the obstacles associated with the planet Mars. More information about the healing power of coral is included in this article.

The Difference in Color

Red coral makes beautiful pieces of jewelry and is seen as a way to please Mars the planet. White coral is more popular in places like Bengal, where it is used to harness the energy of Mars.

When looking for best specimens of coral, seek out a deep red shade. A decent shape is one that is round or oval. The surface should be even and smooth. It is preferable that the coral does not have any holes, dents, or perforations. Upon finding satisfactory coral, the wearer or owner should enjoy good fortune and never have to worry about evil spirits or ghosts. It is said that they will experience fewer bad vibrations and nightmares. There is also no need to worry about lightning or storms. To call for power, use a mala made out of coral that contains 108 beads.

Ritual Practices with Coral

When wearing coral for a ritual, it is said to purchase the gemstone on a Tuesday when the Moon is in Aries or Scorpio. The coral should weigh no less than 6 rattikas. One rattika is the equivalent of 0.9 carat. When using a metal, it should consist of a blend of copper and gold.

The Medicinal Aspects of Coral

When using coral for medicinal purposes, a variety of diseases and different complaints have been reported to respond to coral oxide. Some of the observations of its effectiveness include:

·    Give coral powder to nursing mothers who lose their strength during the nursing period.

·    Mix with powdered raw sugar to treat a dry cough.

·    To break up the mucus that accompanies a cough, take coral oxide with powdered brown sugar. A drying effect occurs when mixing coral oxide with honey.

·    Mix coral oxide with honey to treat fevers, bone fractures, and liver diseases. This honey mixture is also seen as a general tonic.

·    Combat excessive acid by drinking cold milk with coral oxide.

·    To ease a headache, add coral oxide to milk cooked with almond paste. This combination is also noted to treat mental weakness.

·    If eyes are burning or irritated, add coral oxide to a blend of ghee, rock sugar candy, and milk.

·    You can also create a paste from coral (called pishthi), which is seen as a more powerful way to treat medical complaints. It is suggested to take 1 to 2 rattikas two times per day. The paste has been used by women to prevent miscarriage when applied to the navel. When mixed with honey, it is believed to treat the first stage of tuberculosis.

The Best Coral

To enjoy the best quality of coral, seek out pieces that come from the coasts of Algeria and Tunisia. The coasts of Spain, France, Corsica, Sardinia, and Sicily also provide high-quality coral. India is also known to process coral.