The Hidden Messages and Symbolism Found in the ‘Man of Steel’ Movie

For many years, Superman has been a popular character in America ever since Christopher Reeves transformed from Clark Kent into a superhero with the ability to fly through the air and save the day with his super-strength. Still in theaters, another Superman remake has been making waves in the social media and blogging community. The film titled ‘Man of Steel,’ stars Henry Cavill as Superman and Amy Adams as Lois Lane, and just like many superhero films of today, there are several different hidden messages and questionable symbolism that movie-goers are exposed to.

The overall plot of Man of Steel is that a young man (Superman, of course) must face his secret extraterrestrial background when Earth gets an unwelcomed visit from members of his race. Across the Internet, those who have seen the movie and its trailers have analyzed and interpreted the film beyond the usual context of it being a summer blockbuster superhero flick – pointing out everything from semi-overt religious meanings to occult symbolism.

One of the most controversial points being made regarding the film is how some feel that the Man of Steel is portrayed as a blasphemous Christ-like figure. At one point, Superman takes on the posture of what some have viewed as a ‘crucified savior,’ which is considered mockery in itself. The pulse of the Superman story has always centered on a child with sub-human strength and abilities that is sent to Earth to save and protect mankind who is found and adopted by a couple. This plotline uncannily mirrors the life of Jesus – one who has a heavenly Father as well as mortal, earthly parents.

Numerology plays an important role in many groups and belief systems, and Man of Steel is not without its numerical references. For starters, the number ’33’ is significant to the movie. At 33 years old, the Man of Steel faces his most difficult test against the forces of evil. Is it a coincidence or was it an intentional decision to have Superman assume his superhero duties at the age of 33 – the same age that Jesus was when crucified?

Some have also likened Superman’s real father, Jor-El (played by Russell Crowe) as possessing some of the same characteristics of the Holy Trinity: The Father (gave mankind the Son), The Son (died for mankind only to rise again through the software he uses to communicate with Superman), and the Holy Spirit (the ever-present force that does not appear in the flesh, as he was ‘there’ during the finale against Zod, but was not physically present).

Other interesting observations of the Man of Steel include:

  • The image of an all-seeing eye that appears during the final battle scene between General Zod and the Man of Steel.
  • In one of the early trailers for the film, a shot of a science fair project shows a volcano in the background, which looks quite similar to a pyramid.
  • One trailer highlights a Monarch butterfly in a chain, which has aroused suspicions of a reference to the mind control/brainwashing associated with the MK Ultra-Project Monarch.
  • In the film, we also see that the form that the invading extraterrestrial vessel takes is actually in the shape of an inverted trident – a shape that has a link to occult symbolism.