The Hidden War

                    The Hidden War

       Reports have been  coming  in from various sources  indicating  some
       most disconcerting observations  relating to happenings in Texas and

       One involves the reinforcement of  all bridges and overpasses in the
       state of Texas  to  allow  vehicles  up to 6 tons  to  pass  without

       Another involves state  wide exercises by Highway Patrol, county and
       city police as  well  as  National   Guardsman   in   developing  an
       “emergency” plan to  enable the rapid closing of all  highways  into
       and out of the state as well as to establish a tight control between
       all major cities.

       In Mexico, there  have been observations describing the construction
       of large highways in the middle of  nowhere  which come from various
       places in Mexico and lead to the Texas border.  They  do not connect
       to any major highways and are not used for regular traffic.

       Also in Mexico, overflights of private planes have witnessed massive
       troop and equipment  buildups and has resulted in some of the planes
       being shot at as they flew near the encampments.

       Indications from our contacts is  that  the  troops  are  of  Cuban,
       Russian and South American nationalities working  together  to  plan
       and carry out some “hidden agenda” about to take place.

       At the present  time, the Saudi Arabian/Iraq/Kuwait has the majority
       of America’s troops preoccupied and  unable  to  defend this country
       from an attack from other areas.

       In the conspiracy  circles, there has long been the  suspicion  that
       Mexican “wetbacks” workers  who  come  over the border illegally can
       work in many sensitive areas, yet be “plants” instructed in sabotage
       and mercenary killing techniques.

       Other conversations regarding “abductions”,  especially  those which
       occur near the border, relate warnings to be prepared  for something
       (unspecified) which is  to  happen in the near future.  The subjects
       are told to collect food, bandages  and medical supplies to help get
       by the coming hard times.
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       We thus have  some interesting scenarios which can be developed from
       the above information.

       SCENARIO 1

            Russia has been playing a major  game  by  arranging the entire
            Iraq incident  with  the express purpose of focussing  national
            effort and attention at a point far away from the heartland.

            Cuba, under  Castro’s  control  and  with  a  decidedly/rabidly
            Communist government is under the full control of Russia and is
            instructed to organize and equip an invasion force to carry our
            a Blitzkrieg attack from our weakest Southern land borders.

            What can  we do, in a matter  of  hours,  large  areas  of  our
            country could be overrun and in control of hostile powers.

            Our only defense will be the citizenry and the local police.

       SCENARIO 2

            Cuba is planning much of the above either by themselves  or  in
            conjunction with  other  hostile powers as payback for the “Bay
            of Pigs” operation which failed so miserably in the early 60’s.

       Regardless of any scenario we might  propose,  how  come the Mexican
       government allows this?  Are they being paid or simply  in  fear  of
       these mysterious agents?

       Is there something  else going on either with our Government or some
       business cartel with their own plans  for  a  new  government  under
       private control?

       This is definitely  scary  stuff.  Jungian Synchronicity  definitely
       applies here since  there  have  been more than 3 synchronous points
       from disparate sources.

       If you have any further information  relating  to  the above, please
       call, upload a file, send a message or a letter to  Vangard Sciences
       that we can pass the information around.

       We should take what steps we can to validate it or allow precautions
       to be taken in the event there is some truth to what has been seen.