The hollow earth

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There be 9 levels to the burrows also called the hollow earth where the Atleantians live working with Humans to live in harmonic relation in this circular pocket world.

Sublevel Area
1 subway, leading to most other worlds and other levels,

2 mechanic shop for vehicles,

3 place where they work on modern technologies, or machine shop, like machines and electrical sources,

4 where they work, on space craft, seacraft and cloning,

5 like a psi (telekinesis, telekinetic, pyrokinesis …), magic (outside force manipulation, and martial arts training, with other maneuvers,

6 living space for Atleantians and humans, the place looks as large as a world,

7 parts manufacturing plant, to produce many materials, and parts for devices.

8 jail and torture prison while never allowing the prisoners, all light, via a myriad means, including no access to the surface.

9 the level to launch from, and has the construction bay, for ships of many types. Getting to the surface, through a lake, or directly to space, thru a teleportation pod. The teleportation pod allows for distinct teleport shift to other places, or to bring in materials for usage. This lake is called the endless sea, and leads into the ocean, near the oceanic trench bottom.

For the full document look here at http://www.moisant-silo.us/metoweb/hollow.htm. This includes pics as well.