The Illuminati is No Game”¦but There’s a Card Game Known as INWO

It’s kind of scary that more than 15 years ago, a collectible card game (CCG) called Illuminati: New World Order (also known as INWO) hit the market, and it contained cards that ‘foresaw’ two major tragedies in American history. Whether you think the real implications of the Illuminati are a game or joke, there are many people who truly believe in the long-reaching hand of the wealthy and powerful that can influence the course of the public and possibly the entire planet. Either way, it’s pretty creepy that such a game existed and that the specific contents of two cards became a reality.

Steve Jackson Games, which is known for creating and publishing a multitude of role-playing, board and card games, released the Illuminati: New World Order card game in 1995, which was based on their original boxed game called Illuminati. The award-winning game has emerged as a topic of discussion regarding two cards that highlighted significant 9-11tragedies that occurred in America despite being released many years before the events took place:

”¢    The Terrorist Nuke card shows a blast in the middle of two buildings which look quite similar to the World Trade Center’s Twin Towers. Part of the card reads: “Play this card at any time to give +10 power or Resistance (your choice) to any Violent group you control”¦”

”¢    The Pentagon card depicts violence against the government with the image of the building engulfed in flames from within the center. The card reads: “Each Corporate group directly controlled by the Pentagon lets you draw one extra Plot card each turn.”

Other controversial or noteworthy cards found in the game include:

”¢    The Rewriting History card requires media or Illuminati action, and says “Any one alignment of any destroyed group may be retroactively added, removed or reversed.”
”¢    The Multinational Oil Companies card involves corporate powers and says “In a game with more than two players, when this group makes or aids an attack, you may designate one rival who cannot interfere.”
”¢    The Plague of Demons card depicts a building that looks like the White House or the Vatican surrounded by demon-like creatures. The card says “This is an Instant Attack to Destroy any Place except a Huge one.” The card then goes on to say that it may require magic action.
”¢    The Subliminals card shows an ice cream sundae and glass of alcohol with the caption: “Their secret mind-altering messages are hidden everywhere. The number of Media groups you control is added to the Power and Global Power of the Subliminals.
”¢    Players may choose the Goal of Population Reduction in the game. The objective on the card mentions “Destruction of up to three Huge Places counts as two groups each towards your Basic Goal”¦” The image depicts a chemical-looking cloud in the formation of a skull hovering over a cityscape. Interestingly, during the World Trade Center disaster, images surfaced that showed alleged ‘faces in the smoke.’
”¢    Center for Disease Control
”¢    Mass Murder
”¢    Market Manipulation
”¢    Federal Reserve
”¢    Martial Law
”¢    Foreign Aid
”¢    Fraternal Orders

Playing the Game

INWO offers different types of card, including Illuminati, New World Order, laces, Personalities, and Resource cards. The objective of the game is that a player assumes one of the Illuminati groups seeking world domination, which may include the Bavarian Illuminati, the Discordian Society, or The Network ”“ just to name a few. The goal is to gain control of a predetermined number of Groups, such as the CIA, or you may complete a Plot to achieve a certain goal before your opponent does.

While players use skills in negotiation, deal-making, and deviousness to win the game, the key to winning often lies in your abilities pertaining to deck building, aggressive play, and a bit of luck.

When INWO was released, the main set included 412 cards compiled into a double starter deck that was suitable enough for two players. Both limited and unlimited editions were made. Expansion packs would follow, as well as the availability of rare and ‘ultra-rare’ cards. Also, the ability to create your own cards would later come into play with packs of blank cards sold.

Interestingly, Steve Jackson Games publishes the gaming magazine called Pyramid, which has a logo of a golden pyramid with an eye positioned at the top.