The Illuminati Symbolism in Ariana Grande and Big Sean’s Collaboration ‘Right There’ Music Video

It’s not uncommon to see suspected supporters or puppets of the Illuminati within the entertainment industry team up with one another to produce a musical collaboration for the masses. Rihanna, Kanye West, and Jay-Z are known to join forces on many different occasions. Now, we see singer/actress Ariana Grande and rapper Big Sean following suit. Grande’s attraction to the ‘dark side’ has made the rounds in news and social media outlets lately, and Big Sean has a reputation for embracing Illuminati-related symbolism in other music videos that he’s appeared in. Together, they’ve released a video for ‘Right There,’ which contains a great deal of interesting imagery and statements.

The music video for ‘Right There,’ which was released on August 6, 2013, takes a page from the William Shakespeare play, Romeo and Juliet. Ariana portrays one of the title roles as Juliet, while Big Sean represents the character of the priest. From the very start of the music video, the audience encounters questionable symbolism (however subtle it may seem) – the upside down stars (inverted black pentagrams), which are incorporated with other iconic Romeo and Juliet references. The rest of the video then concentrates on the party atmosphere in a fashion typical of Shakespearean times.

Single-eye symbolism appears on more than one occasion throughout the music video for ‘Right There.’ The masquerade ball mask that the man wears in the background of one scene covers one of his eyes. Romeo surprises Juliet by covering one of her eyes, which she then reciprocates. Ariana also flirtatiously positions a fan to cover one of her eyes.

Ariana also sings lyrics that make a reference to goddess worship: “God! Doing what you do/Got me right there with Apollo/On the moon (moon).” This type of worship has ties to the ancient Egyptian belief system that the Illuminati and other secret societies tend to embrace, such as the all-seeing Eye of Horus, and the Illuminati pyramid shape.

Other visuals that appear in the ‘Right There’ music video include:

  • A party-goer seen in the background of a scene featuring ‘Romeo’ (played by Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son) is wearing a Vikings-like hat, which resembles the horns of Moloch – an ancient god that is associated with child sacrifice.
  • During the party, swimmers in a pool use their bodies to create a star shape, which could easily be misconstrued as a pentagram.

Big Sean’s Role in ‘Right There’

With lyrics sure to disrespect the religious, Big Sean haphazardly sits upon a “throne” in a church setting – a scene complete with crosses and lit candles. It’s blasphemous and disrespectful to even shoot a music video inside of a church, and for musicians to make a mockery of religion. Big Sean’s lyrics and actions within the church are considered a mockery.

Big Sean is no stranger to appearing in music videos where Illuminati-related symbolism appears. In the Jessie J collaboration for the song ‘Wild,’ audiences are exposed to pyramid shapes, single eye symbolism, and the ‘666’ hand gesture. In the ‘My Homies Still’ music video with Lil’ Wayne, Big Sean makes an appearance wearing a three-dimensional pyramid ring amongst other things.