The Ins and Outs of Tea Leaf Reading

Tealeaf readings are something often associated with witches, which has been practiced for hundreds of years. The allure of the practice is that it is believed to predict, foretell, and reveal information about an individual. In this article, you will learn some of the elements that go into having a tea reading, as well as some of the symbols and meanings that could appear.

In the past, it was not uncommon to see women frequent a witch to peer into their future in regards to finding the love of their life or learning how many children they will produce. Witches have used this method to tell woman if they are going to have a child. They have predicted the birth of twins and other multiple births. After a woman has such a reading, it is suggested to slip the tealeaves into the garden.

How to Conduct a Tea Reading

First, make a pot of tea. Turn the teapot once to the right and twice to the left before pouring the tea into a teacup. After drinking the tea, swirl the cup clockwise (something a witch always does) and tip the cup upside down on a napkin.

You will be taking a look at the leaves to examine the different shapes. For example, seeing a heart shows that there is romance coming ahead in your life. When two hearts appear together, expect a marriage. The shape of a dagger indicates an alert to take care of your health. A moon shape foretells a life change will take place very soon. The shape of a snake is a warning that you should be aware of who you spend your time with because they could be full of deception. Birds signify an upcoming journey, while cats represent a dishonest person.

Dogs symbolize time spent with a close friend. Stars and horseshoe shapes are associated with luck. Seeing dots shed light on money coming in the future. Something great will happen in your life if you see a pyramid or triangle in the teacup, and often amount to success. After a reading, witches often sprinkle tealeaves around the house for protection and luck. If the tea is spilled during a reading, some see this as a sign of good luck. When very strong tea has been brewed, a new friend is on the horizon. If you accidentally leave the top off of a teapot, you may encounter a stranger in the future.

If more than one person pour from a pot of tea, it is thought to be bad luck. However, if you see bubbles form on the top of the teacup, expect financial luck. Bubbles that appear near the side of the cup represent a newfound romance.

Tealeaf readings can become quite informational for someone looking for answers to questions in their lives. Sometimes, a reading can place everyday goals into better perspective or open the eyes to threats or obstacles that lie hidden. Instead of reading tea leaves, some witches have used wine sediments and coffee grounds to achieve some of the same results.

The practice of reading tea leaves has been found in Scotland, Ireland, and England. In the Middle East, reading leftover coffee grounds has been used as a method of divination. The grounds of Turkish coffee are read turned over onto a plate.