The Latest Crop of Female Artist Music Projects Showcasing Questionable Symbolism

From the checkered black-and-white patterned floors channeling Masonic Lodge décor to the single-eye symbolism associated with the Illuminati, popular female music artists with a large following have been inserting such imagery into some of their latest music video projects these past couple of months. Whether such gestures and statements are intentionally or ‘innocently’ included, they all play a small part in desensitizing the public to the true meaning behind symbolism linked to secret societies with hidden (and very blatant) agendas.

‘Here’s to Never Growing Up’ Music Video – Avril Lavigne

One of the most recognizable and commonly embraced symbolic gesture linked to the Illuminati is single-eye symbolism (also referred to as the all-seeing eye or Eye of Horus), where one eye is covered or hidden. On more than one occasion, this gesture appears in different scenes throughout the music video for Avril Lavigne’s ‘Here’s to Never Growing Up.’ Appearing somewhat harmless, the drummer wears an eye patch over one of his eyes. Perhaps, if this were the only questionable statement in the video, no one would bother to raise an eyebrow.

The plot of the music video centers on a high school dance, which shows some of the actors/actresses display the ‘Il Cornuto’ or ‘horned hand,’ which is known as a kind of Satanic gesture. The dance takes place on a black and white tiled floor – the same kind of pattern that is associated with the Freemasons, who use it to decorate the floors of their Masonic lodges.

Lavigne herself is guilty of purposefully creating pyramid-like shapes with her hands – sometimes producing single-eye symbolism at the same time. In many photo shoots done outside of this video, Lavigne has been seen embracing many single-eye symbolic poses and gestures, so it seems that this kind of statement is becoming somewhat of a signature gesture for her.

‘Ohh La La’ Music Video from the Smurfs 2 Soundtrack – Britney Spears

Even something as innocent as a Smurfs movie can have a connection to the Illuminati, and Britney Spears is no stranger to promoting associated symbolism and hidden messages. While reciting the following lyrics: “Ooh my my baby don’t be shy/I see that spark flashing in your eye/”- Spears is seen making an all-seeing eye gesture with her hand over the eye.

‘I’m Out’ Music Video by Ciara featuring Nicki Minaj

A collaboration between singer Ciara and female rapper Nicki Minaj (who is also suspected of being an Illuminati puppet) has produced the song ‘I’m Out.’ The music video that accompanies their piece includes questionable imagery, such as the infamous checkerboard patterned floor linked to the Freemasons that Ciara dances on in a scene. Interestingly, in this same scene, part of the singer’s face (and eye) is covered (single-eye symbolism). She also flashes hand gestures that coincide with the ‘666’ and Devil horns signs during this same dance sequence.

Cover Art for Upcoming ‘Prism’ Album – Katy Perry

Katy Perry is gearing up for the release of a new album in October of 2013, which is titled ‘Prism,’ and promotional artwork and videos are already drumming up a bit of online buzz. It seems that the singer has chosen an inverted Illuminati-like triangle (or pyramid) shape to artistically represent the album title.