The Latest in Mind Control ”“ Using the Brain to Create 3D Objects

We already know that the power of the mind is extraordinary, and scientists are constantly amazed by it. Now, the latest in mind control innovations will include the first physical object created by the power of the mind ”“ thanks to a tech company in Chile. A ‘creative group’ of thinkers belonging to Thinker Thing have recently announced their success this May ”“ creating a physical object that uses a brain-computer interface headset. The question is ”“ what does this kind of technological advancement mean for the future?

Demonstrations of this new technology have shown the ability to use the interface to form a 3-D shape related to thoughts that were transferred to a 3-D printer that allowed for the creation of an object. The arm of a toy robot was an end product. This first object created has been called ‘very simple’ and the founder of Thinker Thing, Bryan Salt, says that the project is a breakthrough that can reach ‘epic proportions.’

How is it possible to create objects using the mind? The creatives at Thinker Things have found a way to harness the power of small electrical impulses detectable in the brain. The 3D shapes are a product of the Emotiv EPOC brain-computer interface headset. The short of it is that the latest models of three-dimensional printers can now generate real physical objects that the mind can guide with the help of this headset.

Creating Objects with the Mind

When wearing the EPOC headset, the transfer of brain patterns to a computer takes place. The unique brainwaves interact with the computer program, which leads to the creation of a 3D model that when it comes in contact with a standard 3D printer ”“ can become a real, physical object. Anyone can use the interface ”“ from the young to the old, and the models will vary according to the way the user’s mind decides how the object will ‘mutate’ over each ‘generation.’ While it may all seem quite confusing, the fact is ”“ Thinker Thing has successfully made strides in truly harnessing the power of the mind.

Future Projects of Thinker Thing

The government funds Thinker Thing, which also enables the creative to launch a project called StartUp Chile that will incorporate art, science and engineering. These efforts will introduce the new technology to young children in the most remote regions of Chile so that they can use a prototype of the interface to create what has been called “fantastical creatures of the mind.” The end products will then become part of a display in the future. The project is expected to be completed in June.  

This innovative advancement in technology is just one of the scientific wonders that inch the world closer to a more futuristic society. The gadgets and practices seen in movies, such as ‘Minority Report’ don’t seem as far-fetched as before. If the mind (in conjunction with the proper technological advancements) can create physical objects, what happens when such innovations fall into the wrong hands? Who will be in control of such technology? How will it be used? Could it be possible for the mind to dream up advanced weapons to use for mass destruction?