The Logo Symbolism and Subliminal Messages of Major Movie Studios

Throughout the year, a great deal of movies is released to the delight of film lovers; and the masterminds behind the money, success (and messages that audiences receive) primarily belong to six major movie companies. They are responsible for not only the production and distribution of films, but in some cases, are in charge of some of your favorite TV shows. Often referred to as the ‘Big Six,’ you will learn about some of the logo symbolism and subliminal messages associated with the major movie studios in America.

Columbia Pictures

As one of the leading film companies in the world, Columbia Pictures dates back to the studio founded by the Cohn Brothers (Jack and Harry) and Joe Brandt. The logo has undergone changes since it was first imagined. For starters, the name ‘Columbia’ is a supposed reference to the national personification of the United States. She is the women with a likeness to the Statue of Liberty. Others believe that she represents the Babylonian or Egyptian goddess Isis and that she holds a torch with an eternal flame ”“ a symbol related to ‘the brotherhood.’

In an older version of the  logo, the sun appears at the peak of a pyramid, which in the past is known to have paid tribute to the ancient sun god in Egypt. It is this Eye of Horus symbolism that is still found in the current logo. The newer Columbia logo highlights a set of stairs that resemble the shape of a pyramid. She is still holding a torch in her hand with more enhanced rays of light. In the background, you can see that the torch gives off rainbow colors. For some, this symbolism has ties to occult circles, as the rainbow is sometimes representation of the “bridge to the Luciferian New World Order.”

20th Century Fox

Twentieth Century Fox (or 20th Century Fox Pictures) is found just west of the ritzy Beverly Hills ”“ a profitable movie studio company with a history that dates back to 1935. With popular films, such as Star Wars, Home Alone, and Alien, as well as TV shows, such as The X Files, The Simpsons, and Family Guy, the company enjoys a great deal of success. The movie studios as well as its television endeavors have been known to use subliminal messaging. The company has proudly admitted to inserting subliminal messages in various programming, including The Simpsons, Family Guy, and Prison Break. While some of these messages may encourage global warming awareness or recycling, there is no telling what other implanted messages viewers are exposed to. For example, some viewers have detected the Fox 5 News network taking political matters into their own hands when they inserted an image of Senator John McCain into the promo of the station.

Paramount Pictures

Dating back to 1912, Paramount Pictures not only distributes movies, but also produces television shows. Known as the fourth oldest existing film studio in the world, the company still operates from its headquarters in the Hollywood district of Los Angeles. They’ve released top-grossing movies, such as Iron Man, Hugo, and Paranormal Activity 4. To some, the mountain shape surrounded by the stars produces Eye of Horus symbolism.

Walt Disney Pictures

The Walt Disney Company owns Walt Disney Pictures, which has put out a plethora of films that have become box-office hits. From live-action feature films to timeless cartoon productions, people of all ages are exposed to the messages delivered by Walt Disney Studios. As for the logo, a subtle Eye of Horus imagery is hidden, which includes an illuminated center of the Disney castle. There has also been controversy about the hidden ‘666’ that appears within the iconic Walt Disney script font.