The Magic of Horseshoes and Horses

Besides a rabbit’s foot, a horseshoe is well known as a good luck charm , often hanging over the doors of households or dangling from the end of a key chain. In this article, you will learn some of the legends surrounding horseshoes and the kinds of luck you should expect when you come across different colors of horses.

About Horseshoes

Did you know that a circular ring constructed from an iron horseshoe nail is said to deliver the same kind of protection against evil as the infamous horseshoe. Overall, the shade of a crescent moon (similar to that of a horseshoe) has been seen as a sign of good luck, as well as fertility. According to the legend of St. Dunstan, the Devil was interested in him because he possessed a great skill for shoeing horses.

However, St. Dunstan recognized the Devil right away and fastened him to a wall. The Devil begged for mercy, but the only condition that allowed him to become free was if he made a promise not to enter any homes that had a horseshoe on display. Since witches fear horses, they are also turned off by a door with a mounted horseshoe.

Did you know that the position of a horseshoe affects the amount of luck you receive? Hang it with the points facing up so that your luck does not spill out.

But why are horseshoes considered lucky? They are thought to possess healing powers, such as having the power to cure a case of hiccups. Some believe horseshoes offer protection from witches. Since it resembles a crescent moon, it is also associated with protection against the evil eye with similarly shaped charms found in use during ancient Chaldean and the Egyptian days. If you take a look at the horseshoe, it also looks like a serpent biting its own tail , showcasing a universal symbol for eternity.

Also, the horseshoe is made out of iron, which has been seen as carrying magical powers for many centuries. In some circles, blacksmiths were seen as sorcerers with the ability to use fire to keep demons away. For those of you who suffer from terrible nightmares, you may want to hang a horseshoe in your bedroom to keep scary thoughts out of your head while you sleep.

So, if you want to hang a horseshoe so that you bring good luck upon yourself, make sure that it faces the upward position or you may find that your ‘luck will run out.’ As for the animal superstitions linked to horses, consider the following:

·    If you see a white horse, be on the lookout for impending danger.

·    Some people believe that spotted horses possess magical abilities.

·    Stay away from gray horses and horses with four white socks, as they are considered bad luck.

·    An old superstition states that if you inhale the breath of a horse, you will cure yourself of whooping cough.

·    During ancient times, the horse served as a primary candidate for sacrifices to gods and goddesses. For example, the Romans also used horse skulls as a way to protect their home.