The Magician

After meditating on the Tarot card The Fool, it’s time to take a look at the Magician Card, major Arcana card one.  The Magician is symbolic of the higher consciousness of mankind manifest as will and acting to manipulate events upon the Earth.  He stands with his right hand holding a scepter to the heavens and his left pointing to the Earth beneath him where flowers bloom at his touch.

The table behind which he stands holds the artifacts of the Tarot: the wand, the sword, the cup, and the pentacle.  In these devices the Magician is able to understand all Earthly experiences imaginable.  But to look above the magician is to find his fault.  Though he is a sparkling beacon of hope and powerful divination, the Magician is still hidden from the heavens.  If you look closely you’ll notice that, though he looks up there is a veil of flowers above him acting as a barrier between him and the stars.  He can hold his hand up, and he can interact with all the aspects of human existence, but he is still just as bound and limited by this existence as anyone.  Even the fool has the potential to look up, having been wrested from the physical boundaries and becoming a being of pure experience.  The Magician is a master of his realm, but oblivious to how limited that realm truly is.  In the Tarot of Marseille this aspect is likewise shown, but the Magician is simply looking distractedly to the side rather than focusing on the heavens.

In divination, the Magician symbolizes power and understanding of the physical world using a mystical approach.  Using magic to understand your own destiny on the physical plane, understanding the experiences through reflection rather than action, and the action of your own will on the physical plane from your higher self.  The magician works under the assumption that the ultimate goal is a physical one, even if it is the eventual acquisition of divine knowledge.

In divination, to pull the magician card is to pull a card of conviction, self assuredness, initiative, and practicality.  Though it is limited to the physical realm, it is a very powerful card on that realm.  Note too that the figure in the Magician is younger.  He has not paid for his experiences with his life, because he is understanding the most basic principles that are inherent in all humans.  He is masculine to signify the masculine aspects of mysticism.  Above his head is the symbol of infinity.  If you add to infinity, or remove from infinity any amount, what remains is ever unchanging and still infinity.  In this symbol the magician believes his knowledge is infinite, even as it clearly remains merely that of a human experience.

The Tarot Card is the ultimate symbol of perceiving knowledge.  Could infinite knowledge even be perceived?  Or would it simply take over and bring the perceiver into the realm of oblivion?  There is a marked difference between the magician card and the one who comes next, who we will be covering next installment known as the High Priestess.