The Mathematical Building Blocks of Reality

Mathematics dictates reality as we know it. Many have heard the phrase “Mathematics is the universal language”, and fail to understand the true meaning in the saying. This article will attempt to explain the mathematical properties of the physical worlds, and try to link the underlying principles to other aspects of life. Once humans can master the mathematics of reality, we will have the ability to manipulate the physical and metaphysical using baseline mathematical calculations and possibly change what has always been.

At the base of all physical objects, is the atom. Atoms group together to form molecules, and molecules are grouped together to form physical objects. Scientists and educated humans already have the ability to group atoms into elements, and combine elements to produce distinguishable molecules. In order to understand this process in more detail, we have to take a look at the composition on the base of atoms.

Every atom consists of three primary variables that dictate what element category that particular atom falls under. Protons, Electrons, and Neutrons are the driving force of all the laws of reality. An element is nothing more than a count of how many electrons, protons, and neutrons are present in a given atom. For example, the element of Sodium is expressed as NA. Sodium consists of 11 protons, 11 electrons, and 23 neutrons. If you change the amount of electrons and protons by adding 1, the element becomes Magnesium. When the electrons and protons change, so does the neutron count. Magnesium will have 24 neutrons. For more information on calculating the number of electrons, protons, and neutrons, see http://education.jlab.org/qa/pen_number.html .

An element name is nothing more than an easy way to remember the numerical makeup of a particular atom, and molecule name is nothing more than an easy way to remember the numerical combination of atoms within the molecule. For instance, we all know what water is. Water is expressed as H20, which means the molecule is comprised of 1 hydrogen atom, and 2 oxygen atoms. Hydrogen has 1 proton, 1 electron, and 1 neutron, and oxygen has 8 protons, 8 electrons, and 16 neutrons. When you combine the 2 oxygen atoms and 1 hydrogen together, you have a thirst quenching drink.

Using this system, it is possible to break down any physical object into molecules, than atoms, than find the exact mathematical makeup of that atom. The entire process is based on the 3 variables of the atom. The physical world is certainly dissectible, and using this technology has brought us to a highly technical state of being.

Now lets take a look at other planets. Scientists know for certain that the exact mathematical dictation of reality is universe wide. This means than a magnesium molecule on Mars is the same as a Magnesium molecule on Earth. The mathematical structure of physical creation does not only apply to Earth. Anything that has happened or existed on Earth, can (and probably does) exist elsewhere. According to the laws of probability, nothing happens just once with infinite chances.

Veering towards the metaphysical side, the number 3 holds significant value. Just as there are 3 variables to an atom, there are 3 variables to a human. Humans consist of Mind, Body, and Spirit. The differences between these three variables is what makes every human unique. The holy bible states that God has 3 parts. The father, Sun, and Holy Ghost. This all fits into the trinity of creation.

As we see in the atom, there has to be balance. The negative and positive charge of any atom has to be equal to remain stable in this reality. Every action has to have an opposite and equal reaction, and every physical particle has to have an opposite and equal counter particle. Humans are getting ever closer to understanding more about the mathematics that makeup the metaphysical realm. There are many studies underway that are attempting to explain human consciousness with “Sacred Geometry”, and get to the mathematical root of the metaphysical aspect of reality. This will be an ongoing battle, but we can rest assured that the metaphysical can also de broken down and deciphered using advanced mathematics just as the physical world can.