The meaning of the silver cord

Out of reach of our five senses, there are worlds accessible only to sensitive souls, to those who search for miracles, for a higher meaning of life, to those who know and feel that there is a whole reality behind the wall of heavy matter.
Astral travel is a separation of the soul from the body, separation of the astral body from the physical. The astral world has no common things with the physical world. The environment can be filled with entities, but it does not have to be, it can be artificial or natural, and most often completely abstract, pleasant, or scary. In almost all cases of astral projection, one enters an astral world which is like a dream. Some say that “falling asleep” itself means entering a projection. In the spiritual world, time does not exist, which is, after all, a purely physical understanding, so, long and complicated dreams seem to take place in a split second.

During these astral journeys, people can see the silver cord that binds them to the physical body, also called Sutratma. The silver cord appears like a flashing silver thread, hence its name. it is a subtle bond which, connects the physical body with the subtle bodies (especially the Etheric body). It is analogous to the umbilical cord. The source of the silver cord is the Monad, or “Higher-self.” The Monad sends a silver cord down so that our “lower self,” the lowest reflection of the Monad on the physical plane, would be imbued with life force.

Almost all the testimonies relating to astral experiences, speak in favor of the fact that the cord is bright, like a ray of light, or silver. The silver cord is indefinitely long and inexplicably endlessly stretchable. Its function, on the other hand, lies in feeding the physical body with vitality, by injecting into it the juices of life, which are more necessary than classical food.

The point of attachment to the physical body seems to vary. Some testimonies say the connection is located somewhere in the head, but some have reportedly seen it the cord coming out of the back, the shoulders, and even the navel. As long as the silver thread of life is intact, the body remains alive. At the moment of death, it is torn so that the spirit is born in another life in the spirit world, just as the umbilical cord in a newborn is cut to separate it from the mother.

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