The Men In Black Coverup

If you turn to Google in an attempt to research the topic of the mysterious MIB’s you will likely get tons of links to information about the 1997 Will Smith movie.  This is a puzzle to me because the movie is now more than ten years old and you would expect that after all this time the attention this movie would garner on the Internet would be pretty much limited to the Internet Movie Database site (www.imdb.com).  Not so though and this is a clue to a possible coverup.

Now, why do I say this?  Again, if you go to Google and search “Titanic” you will get one or two links to sites that feature the motion picture “Titanic” along with a respectable number of links to sites featuring the ship itself.  You would think that the film “Titanic” which won numerous Academy awards would certainly be as dominant in the top search engine listings as the film “MIB”, but it isnt!  Almost everything that you can research on the topic of MIB’s is related to the entertaining Barry Sonnenfeld film or to Will Smith himself, why?

It could be that this is the method that the powers-that-be use to divert attention away from what they don’t want us to see.  In other words the degree in which honest research data is diluted or obviscated by a dense fog of heavily promoted Hollywood fluff is evidence that maybe something is going on.  This is how coverups are done.  Not by eliminating a story but by diluting it with a blizzard of manufactured misinformation.

If you want to discredit a story the most effective way would be to have Hollywood concoct a story “based on real events”.  Sprinkle in enough real facts to make the story plausible and at the same time cause confusion with the real story, then ficionalize the whole account of the narrative so that no reasonable person will swollow EITHER story.  So, is this what happened?  I cannot say for sure, but I can say that any serious MIB researcher is going to have a devil of a time getting good, credible information on the Internet about MIB’s thanks to the movie.

For the record the real Men In Black have a long history that dates back to the mid-1940’s in almost every country on earth.  Aside from the archetypal black suits and sunglasses, Men in Black are often described by witnesses as wearing clothing either radically out-of-style or not currently in style.  They seem to drive around in long, black antiquated or vintage automobiles that seem to the observer to be shiny and new.  These cars are even supposed to “smell new”.   Reports of Cadillacs sporting big ’60’s era tail fins are not uncommon.

The MIB. are always impeccably dressed, always in what appears to be brand new clothes consisting of black suit, white shirt, black ties and black, shoes, which appear to be a perfect fit. Their hair is jet black and shiny and their skin is said to be without blemish.   The MIB are said to have a dark possibly oriental, or eastern european look to them. Some are pasty white with the appearance of the use of red lipstick.  They are also said to have expressionless faces and their movements sometimes appear to be robotic, by people that have been interviewed by them.  MIBs tend to speak in a monotonous, mechanical tone, often with a strange accent. 

Witnesses have reported that their sentence construction and choice of words was very peculiar.  They have no facial hair including being bald and no eyebrows. They wear their trademark black coat with black tie and have a whiter than white shirt.

Typical encounter

MIBs, traveling in groups of up to three, usually visit recent UFO witnesses and warn them not to report their encounter.  They often claim to represent some government agency (which invariably proves to be false) and briefly flash official-looking IDs. Those visited by MIB often feel ill afterward, sometimes for days.  Men in Black always seem to have detailed information on the persons they contact, as if the individual had been under surveillance for a prolonged amount of time. They will also seemingly be confused by the nature of everyday items, such as pens, eating utensils or food, and use outdated slang.

Throughout many of the MIB reports studied none of the MIB license plates are ever traceable, and many never existed in the first place – what are the chances of making up a plate number and it being the only one in existence?


The behavior of Men in Black wildly varies from individual to individual, however. They will either act as if they are from an agency trying to collect data about the unexplained phenomena their subject has seen, they are said to use instruments to wipe the memory of their subjects clean (significant part of the MIB movie) or they seem to be trying to suppress information,

trying to convince their subject the phenomena never existed.  Rarely, if ever do the threats of the mysterious Men In Black, following a close encounter, come to anything.

MIB encounters, as one might expect, are actually quite rare.  Roughly forty cases in all have been “documented.”    An MIB was sighted in the lobby of the U.S. State Department building once and reportedly left a mysterious artifact.


And why was this not in the movie?