The New Era

We rae enterring in a new era according to many people. They based their predictions on many events that are occuring now. Indeed, a dramatic change in the world is hapenning. In all aspect of life, changes are occuring. Climatly, the Earth is changing. Politically, countries all over the world are changing, new laws are voted while new governments and new countries are created (Montenegro, Irak). Fear is felt by people because changes are forseen. All these changes are due to a deeper cause. The destiny of humanity seems graved in the rock. The cycle of nature is probably the cause of these changes. According to the astrological beliefes we are also entering in a new era. It is called the aquarius age. It follows the Pisce age which started with the birth of Jesus 2 thousands years ago. It was also a radical change in the world (the creation of the most important religion of our time).


Furthermore, a new planet have been discovered and will be added to the nine planets of our solar system even though scientists are still discussing about the “planetitude” of this new object. The tenth planet is at least bigger than Pluto. Its discovery is a clue to our entrance in the new era which coincide with the Maya end of the fifth world: December 21st 2012. This new era can thus represent a even more radical change that the birth of Jesus. Spiritualy it would probably mean evolution. In the physical world, something will happen making obvious the changes. It could for example be an event that will be remembered by the Earth. A cataclysm? A disease ?


Many people don’t believe in the new era. They agree though that changes are occuring but usually add that the world is always changing. When you really investigate the events in each aspect, you can really see a drastic change. The Earth’s climate is changing, wars get more frequents and a big disease is forseen. People are also more conscious of their spiritual aspect. Religions are disappearing. Instead, individiual spirituality is growing. Gaia (the Earth), seems to be ready to react violently. Maybe another planet will perturb Earth as it happened in the past with Venus. Probably, many humans will die. It will permit the complete reconstruction of the social and political structure. The new era brings fear but also bring hope. It will depend only of our future actions.