The New Project Bluebook News Release: 1988

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The NEW PROJECT BLUE BOOK! News Update, 09/19/1988

by Bryon Smith ParaNet Tau

The information to Follow was handed to me by the Director of The NEW Project
Blue Book, Mr. William Pitts.

Office of the Director:

William Pitts 506 North 2nd Street Fort Smith, AR 72901 (501)-782-7077

Inspired, and name-approved, by the United States Air Force.


The enclosed News-media release is to announce a new association of an old
project, and which has been officially name-approved by the United States Air

The release gives certain basic information, but should you desire additional
information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with this office. Naturally,
we are anxious to get the information to as many as possible, and as soon as
possible, because some of those persons actively involved in UFO sighting
reports, or who made reports themselves, are reaching advanced ages – and it is
our wish to get in touch with them as soon as we can.

For your further information, the new Project Blue Book, and those associated
with it, are sworn to uphold any secret, or sensitive, information, which comes
to our attention in the search for the UFO information, and to with-hold any
information which could be considered to be detrimental to the security of our

Therefore, any source may feel free to offer information to this office, and
know that the information will be confidential, and the reporter – anonymous.
Such information would be utilized only to the extent of helping to solve a
sighting report.

The new Project Blue Book is not an Air Force-funded agency, but is, by
design, a civilian agency – of former military personnel.

Please feel free to contact the Director, at the above address, or phone, for
interviews or additional information.



Bill Pitts, Director


PROJECT BLUE BOOK, The United States Air Force Investigative Arm for
Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO’s), has been reorganized as a civilian research
and investigative association, comprised of (but not limited to), present and
former, Air Force and other U.S. government agency personnel.

The New Project Blue Book, officially name-approved by the United States Air
Force, will study future UFO sighting reports, but devote further in depth
studies of the older, classic, sighting reports from the Mid-1940’s through the

The original Project Blue Book closed its doors in 1969, but many of the
investigators of the earlier reports found that the most important cases were
then, and still are to this date, listed as “Unidentified.” While some
possible answers were made on many reports at the time, most “answers”
did not fit the actual reported sightings, and were later proven not to be the
objects reported by reputable persons, including those persons who were in
high-level government positions when they made the reports. The
“Answers” did not fit the reports.

The New Project Blue Book will be directed by industrialist Bill Pitts, a
veteran investigator for all civilian UFO organizations and various government
agencies. A high-level research team will re-evaluate the older reports and
endeavor to determine whether the objects reported have been solid metallic-like
structure and could be extra-terrestrial. An hypothesis long considered as the
predominate answer.