The Nonsense Papers: Israel vs Iran; A Mass Media Deception

By James W. Astrada


As informed individuals begin to realize more often, the corporate mass media are given orders to divert the common populace in the direction of their masters. Who and how these organizations are run, remains a mystery on just how many members actually make the real decisions. The Middle East has always been a target for the mass media especially if a country seems “rogue” in the eyes of the United States and its interests. Iran has always been a target of supposed clandestine activities from instilling fear to kill the Hebrew colony located in Palestine, to having nuclear weapons that pose a threat to “national security” of the world. Instead of just believing what CNN, ABC, CBS and the rest of the paid mass media giving only one obscure side of the story, we as concerned human citizens must investigate all sides (given two things: our mental capacity can handle it, and we have the resources to investigate). Some facts are interesting than fiction, making it up to the individual to find what makes sense and what can be deceiving.

Iran it seems for a while, was being blamed for having nuclear facilities and not following the code of the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency). Now the supposed mission of the IAEA is to promote the “peaceful” use of nuclear energy, forbidding any military or advanced nuclear weapons as instruments of power. Established in 1957, the most strange fact is that although not created under the U.N international treaty and run independently, the IAEA reports to both the U.N General Assembly and the Security Council. Although Iran is set up to be the “bad guy,” we must look at a few facts here regarding the “benevolent” Israeli colony that supposedly has no faults here. First of all, the assistant secretary of state and Washington’s chief nuclear arms negotiator Rose Gottemoeller, specifically asked Israel to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty which Israel refused to do. This treaty created in March 5, 1970 is intended to limit the spread of nuclear weapons. Currently 189 nations are under this treaty that states three main goals must be reached within the nation: firstly, the act of being non-proliferate in regards to nuclear weapons. Secondly, if one has the presence of nuclear weapons, they must be disarmed. Lastly, the promise of the right to use nuclear technology “peacefully.” By refusing to sign this treaty, it seems Israel wishes to do things in their fashion rather than to follow rules like all other countries. Maybe Israel doesn’t want to approach the nuclear arms race with a sense of peace, since disarming or stating that they have any nuclear weapons is out of the question. The United Nations in another attempt to coerce Israel in following rules, passed a resolution calling on Israel to again sign this treaty and submit to all inspections required. Again, Israel refused to cooperate with now the U.N. To make matters worse, the IAEA called upon Israel to sign the treaty and submit to all inspections, with the result ending up the same. Iran on the other hand, sent a notification to the IAEA of their planned construction layouts of their plans to build a fuel-rod facility. The signifies that Iran is following the rules of the treaty and have signed it. Iran also allows the IAEA inspect all their facilities when they are called upon to. Because of Iran’s obedience and cooperation to the treaty, Israel now “doubts” that Iran is not a nuclear threat simply because Iran has cooperated, leaving Israel in the dark with it’s “opacity” of their nuclear program. After careful research and tests, the IAEA and all 16 United States intelligence agencies all agree that Iran is not building and does not posses nuclear weapons. In 1986, Mordachai Vanunu, a former Israeli nuclear technician against the use of weapons of mass destruction, sold out his own people by stating that Israel had a clandestine nuclear weapons factory under the reactor at Dimona. For this he spent 18 years in prison, with 11 of those in solitary confinement. Even after his release in 2004, Vanunu must still abide by these bizarre

regulations: he is not able to have contact with any other country besides Israel, the ban of using phones, cellular phones, internet, etc., he cannot approach any embassies or consulates, he cannot come within 550 meters of any international borders, he may not visit any port of entry or airport, and finally he cannot leave the self-declared state of Israel. These stipulations seems a little far fetched especially if Israel is claiming they have nothing to hide. Vanunu, a Jewish man desiring to be different than his kin, paid a heavy price for honesty and sincerity it seems. Adding to this brutal reality, Israel made the same accusations that they are doing to Iran, against Iraq in 1983( which eventually lead up to Israel’s bombing of the power station in Osirak). This was done because somehow Iraq “contained” weapons of mass destruction, however, in 2003 after the invasion, international experts examining the ruins of the power station found no evidence of a weapons factory despite the claims. The final blow to argument displays that the Goldstone Report, dealing with the Gaza conflict in 2008-9, accuses Israel of 37 specific war crimes and over 400 allegations of misconduct against humanity. Not surprisingly, Israel denounced this report stating that it was anti-Semitic, even though Goldstone is a Jew. The United States with no surprise, will block this report from being refer to the War Crimes Tribunal in Hague. We have been told that the Hamas are committing crimes against humanity, but could this be a response to the imperialistic actions of the Israelis who do not belong there in the first place?

Why does the media surprising throw a “cold shoulder” to all of these facts? Why is Iran the problem when clearly Israel refuses to do anything it is told to do? Is this because of their fabled “chosen” status? Netanyahu plead the case of the Nazi’s bombing Europe and considered Israel a “defender” during the briefing of the foreign press concerning the Goldstone report. Does this excuse the fact that Israel is committing the same actions as their former oppressors? Quoting past events and then repeating them in another fashion does not excuse one’s actions. Hiding in the shadow of past events does not give clairvoyance for denying any present and future crimes committed. Maybe Iran is acting against the United States no doubt and Israel, however is it just for religious purposes? There seems to be more of an elusive reason on why Israel is take out of harm’s way and allowed complete liberty to violate human rights and practices.

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