The Nonsense Papers: The Power of Human Reflection

Personal research is needed besides scientific study I believe, to find the purpose of any living organism that exists today. When I mention research, I do not express or condone any positive influence that animal testing may have, personally testing on animals is one of humanity’s major negative attributes. When I refer to research, I mean the human subject to find and once and for all define the purpose of what it is we are here to do. Humans as a whole must find a purpose in this life in order to feel like we have accomplished great feats other wise we become useless and die. Maybe there is another way we can survive these two options of living and dying? Is there a middle ground where we can escape this predicament and escape our destiny? This is suggest, because it is plainly obvious that we are not free here and we must bow to our corporate masters who seem human but do not act accordingly. We obey solely for the purpose of advancement and the illusion that one day we will be assimilated into the elite to achieve a purpose such as theirs. But now we must ask the obvious: are we really achieving this goal, or are we fulfilling their purpose of keeping us as slaves? Moreover, who decides our purpose, it is some super intelligent race using humans as a sort of zoo experiment, or is it spiritual entities from the aethersphere? Why is it that some die young and others live to the end of our miserable lives? Something is obviously choosing and selecting as nature intends sort of a Darwinian Russian roulette wheel, however, let us suppose that some humans have reached an awareness of their current state, must they suffer as the others?

We as humans must reach our awareness on a personal level, the lone journey so to speak, because it is highly unlikely that we as a collective would ever achieve ascension as many dream of. Since there is a plethora of other planets that suffice for our living standards, I’m not surprised to find other humanoid societies living to their own beliefs and standards. Theoretically speaking of course, we as humans as designated for this planet for some unknown reason far beyond the explanations of the Judeo-Christian fairytale. So why do some of us who want freedom (so to speak) must live out our physical life here on this planet? Why couldn’t we have chosen our location, say for instance Andromeda our sister galaxy? There are an infinite number of galaxies with all possibilities and could contain what scientists call the “Goldilocks Zone“, which states that planets in this area have the necessary conditions for human life to survive. What about the Multi-verse theory? According to this theory, we are not individual in nature, and have a corresponding copy of ourselves for as many universes that exist, so basically we are not unique and more than one version of us is living life now as we are. So maybe our dreams are just extensions of what are other copies are calling their reality? Humans when asleep experience a phenomena that we call dreams. During these dreams, humans experience fantastic adventures, visit places, fantasize about certain persons for sexual desire or other themes, etc.. so what if when we dream, we are tapping into the other “us” from another universe living on the same planet fulfilling another purpose? Is this the reason why most of us prefer to sleep than deal with our reality here? Are we looking for an escape from the harshness of our suffering, or is there more complex explanations that even the scientist cannot present coherently? Something inside of us, like a trigger, is firing off trying to awaken us from our current predicament. Many call this day dreaming or imagination, but I believe that there is a more deeper meaning that we cannot yet identify. The humans who live in agony or suffering usually clings to a religion to fill in the emptiness that they have within them, and to no surprise, this is not uncommon. I understand from some point on why a human rather stay asleep than deal with the harshness of their reality. Humans are naturally curious and cannot sometimes accept their environment around them for personal reasons, so we have to invent our own worlds in order to feel in control. Unfortunately some humans go beyond and develop their world into a living entity and refuse to come back to what society calls the “real world”. These subjects of course are either taken to a mental facility or given a series of drugs to get them to snap out of their fantasy. However, I believe this is dangerous for two reasons: firstly, the reason they have created such an environment was for the simple fact that they did not belong to this volatile reality that most have. If they were to return, they would become more depressed, violent and even unresponsive; that is of course if the drugs have not made them brain dead. Lastly, humans try to stay alive and must look for a purpose, if they cannot escape their suffering, the next step is to terminate our lives. Most humans are afraid of death, even the religious ones. Of course they clarify that they will be with their deities living in a world of non suffering and peace, but isn’t that creating a fantasy world like the one we have covered recently? Where does the fear of death originate from? Nature has dealt with death since the beginning of its cycle, so why is it that humans try to break this cycle and escape to live longer? Do we desperately want an immortal life to accomplish a greater purpose? Routine is the harbinger of destruction and it gets to be repetitive and boring after sometime which would explain why humans cannot do something for too long a period of time without the desire of change, unless they are in a position of power. If the powerless remain stagnant, one loses their reality (whatever their personal reality is) and the mind ventures somewhere else. Wherever we go, depends on our individual brain and what we have created. Some creations are more dangerous than others ( but this is based on our sole opinions) and moreover, the brain itself is a working machine on its own that has control of the individual completely. One cannot control the brain, it has its own code of conduct. Remember that only 8% of the brain is used (some of us use less than that), if this is a fact, what happens to the other 92%? I suggest that the undiscovered portion of the brain give us passageway to answers, solves mysteries, and gives us a sort of power and reflection of the coveted soul that we harness within our carcass. What is stopping us from discovering this part that we have been “shut off” from? I believe we are denied this gift of the gods, simply because of our nature and our hunger for power and greed. Many of us who are aware see this as a blow to the possibilities of ascending into a new realm of dimensional frequencies and discoveries. Theoretically, this suggests that we as humans were altered genetically by some higher intelligent race clearly knowing our capacity for violence and destruction, and that we have a power that would elevate us and threaten the very fabric of their power over us. Does this sound too far-fetched? Or did they deprogram our more spiritual half to assert a control and indoctrinate us with some false story of a messiah and therefore let us surrender our inner power for a false external source? Why are we so utterly dependent on an outside source to complete us when the power exists from within? When and how did we let this happen to us, and is it too late to rediscover our purpose or have we let them decide for us? If we continue down this path that we are currently taking, then I suggest that humans should cease to exist in this sort of environment. Not by killing ourselves of course, or using nuclear weapons, but by natural causes as designated for most species. We must realize what we are doing to this poor planet; killing animals for pleasure and then eating them, when clearly they are our companions who deserve respect, love, care like humans do. They should not be our food source because truly humans are herbivores. Overpopulation of this planet is destroying all of the resources and the drones are not educated enough to make rational decisions, they are only bred to work, consume, and procreate. They are depleting the planet faster and destroying natural habitats in the name of human progress taking little interest in other species. If we act like a bacteria, then we should be extinguished like one. Since we are a cancer should we be allowed to infect the very nature of our environment that is clearly not ours to call our own? Should we be allowed to survive if there is to be no real change of this world we live in? Most will disagree, however, are we that empty that we have to wait for the brink of extinction to realize the error of our ways or will we carry this infection of human thought to other planets and suffer the same fate?

We now try to reflect on perception and its meaning towards humans. When we think of perception, many different ones arise from almost every culture from around the world. Does this make it reality or is it another invention programmed into our brains to decipher it as authentic? When we look up in the heavens and see a beautiful serene blue sky, can we call that real just because our eyes see it? We should ask many questions about our society around us to get a more clearer picture of what our perception really is or what it can be. The public sector is by far the most ignorant group in society simply because they are the last to know all and any information regarding their own lives. We are governed from birth on what to wear, what to think, who to pray to, what code of conduct is appropriate, and even how to die. Where is the freedom or human rights, that most of us yearn for? Do we really want this repetitive state to dominate our entire existence? We must get up at a designated time, eat at designated times, work (either mental or physical) and then rest our bodies for the next day. Is this life, the very concept we fight for? Must we as humans be satisfied with this type of life, to struggle to reach the zenith of society and lose our very soul in the process? Most of the workers and lower class drones unfortunately do not have a functioning brain, they are only using the “R-complex” which allows for basic motor functions and survival mode. Even if we receive monetary increases and better material possessions, we are still accepting our fate even more. We are making our cells a little bigger, prettier and more spacious, however the fact remains: it is still a prison no matter how we decorate it. The dangerous fact is that this caste system that we are born into exist at the mental level and therefore are incarcerated at birth without realization. So what are we to do if we have been dependant on a monetary system to define ourselves? How do we break the hold that we have on ourselves to elevate and grow, meanwhile we deal with the impossibilities of life? The answer is nearly impossible, at it seems that this is done purposely so that the collective mob is not allowed to think. The thinking process is a dangerous tool against those in power. A human with the capacity to think and realize in an obstacle in the controlling class agenda. The sanctity of life is a powerful belief system that exists within us however we must choose the proper purpose on how we define it otherwise we are wasting energy and space. But as we discover the reality around us, is that belief system shaken to the point of change? Or will we continue to use the idea of the truth is whatever we want it to be? Do we accept the program following a Matrixesque reality, or do we delete it and reprogram a new advance type of reality where everyone can live together as a unit in harmony?

As we review the human reflections of the mind, we must ask ourselves if we are ready to make a conscientious change for the better in order not only to survive, but understand all other living things around us. Should we allow entertainment venues and material possessions control our daily life or can we break away from these distractions? If we continue to do so, we must break our backs literally to achieve these modern treasures because if we choose the other way (murder, stealing etc..) we are punished severely for it and pay the price dearly as an individual. What about corporate interest, if they do it on a global scale, then they are allowed in the name of profit and consumer interest. No one said this was an individual’s world did they? As we leave our doorsteps in the morning and conduct our day in the manner in which we were fashioned, let us reflect on certain questions: is this a simulation, or we really living this reality contently? Is the world really this way, or could we make a change? What is reality and how can we differentiate from imagination? I suggest that we are more complex creatures whose insides contain a void that must be filled constantly with something of value instead of fast cars, electronic toys and greenbacks. However, we need theses distractions because of our dependency on them to survive. Even the pseudo concept of poorer families must abide by this belief system because they do not have the luxury to live any other way. I do not suggest that we all are a “perfect bunch“, but we are held together only by the loose bond of dependency of each other. If we all had individual means to survive in this society, the outcome of the concept of “family” would be totally different. Will the skeptic resolve to using the old phrase of “I have my god, my Jesus in my heart, so I am perfectly fine“? Or will we finally reflect on ourselves on a whole before it is too late? One thing is for sure, we must stop asking for help and take responsibility for our own actions, that is the only way to salvation. Is this nonsense, these questions are worth asking don’t you think?

© James William Astrada 2010-2012