The “Nothing” Theory of Black Holes

It is in my theory that black holes, due to intense gravitational forces, in fact contain small ammounts of matter that continue to grow infinitely smaller over time. As far as our knowledge of physics goes, we do not have the knowledge to calculate the extent of the compression of the matter. However, it is quite possibly that the matter exists no longer in our universe. It is possible that due to the extent of the gravitational forces, time and space is actually torn inside the black hole. This could cause many anomolies that can’t be explained yet by our level of understanding. Due, per say, to the extent of the torn timespace continuum and the infinite compression of the matter that is drawn into the black hole, it is quite possible that the Everett-Wheeler Many Worlds Theory comes into effect.I agree strongly with this theory and that of Stephen Hawking about Baby Universes. As it implies, when atoms collide with one another they create all possible outcomes of a situation. Thus, with the distortion of the space/time continuum, it is quite possible that not only is every possible outcome of every situation created, but also every possible outcome is a reality at the same time. Every “door” to every possible outcome is opened and the infinitely conmpressed matter then shifts from our reality into another reality and becomes nonexistent by our understanding in our universe.Thus, if this is in fact what occurrs, It is also in my theory that a black hole is what it states: a hole; a nothing. The intense gravitational forces, I believe, actually not only suck in matter, but also time and space itself. Therefore, this would mean that after the black hole forms and all the matter is infinitely compressed and transferred somewhere else, the only thing that would be left is a gravitational well in space. A region in space where only gravity remains.I believe that also, since a black hole eventually evaporates, the gravity is also eventually(but very slowly) lured in due to the distortion of time and space. Of course, to have gravity, theoretically, mass must be present. But with the time and space distortion it is possible that the gravity doesn’t even “realize” that the mass isn’t present. Possibly the distortion of time and space itself is what keeps the gravity present. Possibly, as all possible “doors” are opened, the intense gravity comes from matter from alternate universes. In conclusion, it is my theory that a black hole is actually an intense gravitational well in space that actually consumes time and space itself, transporting mass to alternate universes via the Everett-Wheeler theory of Quantum Mechanics and the actual space/time distortion, and leaving gravity behind as the gravity is not aware that the mass isn’t present. This concept must be taken into consideration.