The Numerology of House Numbers , 3 & 4

If you’d like to enjoy a fun exercise that deals with the numerology of your home, arriving at a single digit using the numbers found in your address is a must. In this article, we will show you how to come to this conclusion and what does this single digit mean when it turns out to be a 3 or a 4.

To arrive at the single digit needed to complete house numerology, you will together the numbers found in your address. Therefore, if you live at 120 Allen Drive, you will add together 1+2+0 to follow the information detailing what is known as a house of ‘3.’ Some people are confused when they add up their numbers and receive a double digit. In the case of 940 Lincoln Avenue, you will add 9+4+0, which comes out to 13. To arrive at your single digit , add 1+3 to arrive at the house number of ‘4.’

Single-Digit 3 for House Numerology

The home that adds up to three is considered one of the cheeriest of all with a welcome sign that truly means it. The house is a social one , filled with humor, fun, good times, excitement, and loads of laughs. Those who live within tend to showcase high levels of creativity. The door is always open for family and friends to enter and take pleasure in social gatherings and parties.

When living at a three house, you are most likely to pour your energy into decorating your home, which could end in a cluttered mess. Some may disagree with your style , even going as far as to call it ‘odd.’ However, this is your space and it is a representation of your creativity.

Since homes under the numerology of three are seen as creative, this also serves as a spiritual connection. Angels are known to pass by, through, and over your home and produce a boost in the positive energy surrounding your environment. To enhance the power of your home, consider adding shades of mauve, lilac, violet, and blue to your interior décor.

Single-Digit 4 for House Numerology

A house of four creates a great energy for tenants that are hard workers, responsible, and tidy. There is a certain comfort gained for people falling under the category of these characteristics when living in a home associated with the number four. However, if you have a creative streak or possess an extroverted personality , you may feel a bit suffocated when living in this type of home. Yet, builders and people employed in career fields where there is room for advancement will love a house of four. This number also suggests that angels frequent it.

Some people should add a few indoor plants to their home in an attempt to tone down some of the authority found within a house of four. If you’d like to decorate in a manner that attract a higher level of positive energy, it is suggested to seek out the colors of blue and green.