The Numerology of House Numbers , 7 & 8

Numerology has found a place within a variety of systems, beliefs, and traditions that usually center on the power of someone’s name, but is also used to signify valuable insight into the residence of an individual. Some people use numerology to channel their energy and look towards the future. In this article, you will learn some of the associations of houses linked to the numbers 7 and 8.  

Before you enter the world of house numerology, you will need to add together the number contained in your address in order to arrive at a single digit. So, if you reside at 223 Westpoint Road, they you will add together 2+2+3 to learn that you live at a house with the sum of 7. If you should add up the numbers of your address and find a double digit , as seen in the case of 881 Roundabout Lane, simply take its sum of 17 and add 1+7 together to gain a numerology sum of 8.

Single-Digit 7 for House Numerology

Mystics, philosophers and those that spend time in deep thought will love the energy of a house of 7. It seems that many of these residences draw in people who are full of spirituality, intellect, and creativity. Usually, if you are seeking an environment that delivers a high level of peace, a house of 7 comes highly suggested. Often times, individuals living in this type of residence are well aware of their emotions. It is not uncommon for the house to incorporate water in its design. Pools, fountains, and ponds are usually found as part of the outside décor. It is suggested to make sure that the inside of the house has a good working plumbing system and plays a role in keeping a positive flow of energy. Other ways to boost the energy level of the home is to use ocean blue and silver when decorating the inside.

Single-Digit 8 for House Numerology

A house of 8 is the perfect dwelling for someone who likes to climb the ladder of success, achieve high goals, or take on the position of CEO within the business world. The benefits of materialism and ambition seem to reach nice heights in this type of home. People who live in residences centered on the number 8 usually strive for success and power. Plant an outdoor garden with plants, flowers, and trees to enhance the energy of the house. If you tend to be a bit extreme with your behavior, try creating more of a natural feel to a house of 8. If you are looking to let go of something in your past, selecting a home that adds up to 8 is said to help homeowners embrace new beginnings. To infuse a house of 8 with colors associated with positive energy , choose green, cream, gray, and blue.