The Numerology of House Numbers , 9

In this article, we will explore the numerology of a house number that adds up to 9, as well as touch upon other numbers that are significant to people following the power, energy, and symbolism associated with numbers, such as 3, 7, and 12.

If you are not familiar with how to arrive at the sum used to assess the numerology of a home, keep in mind that you will need to add up the numbers that make up the digits of your address. So, if you live at 423Baxter Drive, then 4+2+3 equals a house number of 9. Sometimes, you will encounter double digits after adding your address numbers together. For instance, 1962 Walter Road equals 18, where you will add 1+8 to arrive at a sum of 9.

Single-Digit 9 for House Numerology

A house of 9 is perfect for an individual that loves animals and helping out others. Usually, this sort of dwelling appeals to someone that is compassionate and has an interest in saving creatures living around the world. If you are a doctor, nurse, or social worker looking for a new residence, seeking out a house of 9 is suggested in order to enjoy the strongest energy levels. There is something about this kind of home that encourages people to contribute to a better world.

However, since homeowners are typically concentrating on saving the world, not much gets done on the home front. More attention towards keeping their space clean and safe becomes necessary. To enjoy the highest intensity of positive energy, it is recommended to embrace colors like yellow, pink, indigo, and violet when decorating the home.

Other Significant Numerology Numbers

Number 3: There is something symbolic about the number 3 that has a tendency to appear in many instances. Many people view this number as a symbol of “divine perfection” or “completeness” amongst other associations. Examples include the Holy Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit); Three Wise Men; Three Blind Mice; three points on a triangle; Three Laws of Robotics; Three Strikes and You’re Out; and “third time is a charm.”

Number 7: Another number linked to something being “full” or “complete” is 7. For some, the number is a reference for “spiritual perfection,” while others simply see the number as lucky. Examples of the number 7 used in everyday life includes seven days of the week; Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs; Seven Wonders of the Ancient World; Seven Sages; God rested on the seventh day; seven deadly sins; 7-Up; 7-Eleven; and the number of points on a sheriff’s star.
Number 12: The number twelve has a great deal of significance when it comes to the government and religion. There are 12 months in a year; 12 tribes of Israel; 12 disciples; the Twelve Tables; dozen of eggs; the Norse God Odin and Jacob of the Bible had 12 sons; 12 Days of Christmas; 12 zodiac signs; and the Majestic 12 (UFO conspiracy theory).