The Numerology of House Numbers

For some, numerology is just a game of numbers, but others actually follow this system of adding significant numbers to gain insight as a way to better understand the things around them. The practice has a history that dates back thousands of years in time, as Greek philosophers once relied on numerology as a viable system of belief.

The overall concept of numerology thrives on the thought that all things within the universe are linked to numbers. This includes names, birthdays, addresses, and even house numbers. Depending on how deeply you believe in the factors surrounding numerology, you could uncover a deeper meaning or focus on purpose associated with the soul. It is believed that vibrations within the universe follow a course of mathematical patterns that contain links to the past, present day, and future.

An interesting way of dabbling in numerology is to explore what numbers mean in relation to your street address. Below you will find number associations after you have arrived at a single digit for this numerology activity. How do I get that number? Let’s say you live at 322 Monroe Street. All you have to do is add together 3+2+2 to arrive at the single digit of 7.

Some people ask what happens when you add the numbers up and they produce a double-digit. A person that lives at 2997 Lancaster Drive will add together 2+9+9+7 and come out with 27. Simply add 2+7 together to reach your single digit of 9. Once you’ve arrived at your single digit associated with your house, apartment, condo, or wherever you live , you can read the interesting associations attached to the number below:

Single-Digit 1 for House Numerology

A home that displays the number one in numerology cultivates the self-reliance, efficiency, and independence of one who dwells there. A magnification of ambition, passion, and courage is believed to take place in the life of an individual living in what is called a “1 house.” True dreams and desires are thought to come true when living in a 1 house.

In this type of house, one may become more in touch with their thoughts and feelings. If you learn to focus positively on your goals and dreams, then you face a better chance of them coming true. On the other hand, if you live in this numbered house, you may also face a higher tendency to possess a cold heart or even act a bit snobbish. When decorating, your strongest colors include gold, orange, and yellow.

Single-Digit 2 for House Numerology

People who live in a house where the digits add up to 2 are known to drum up peace, balance, and harmony. The house is great for people looking to cultivate a relationship. Individuals that are laidback and friendly often reside in a house whose address adds up to two. When looking for the perfect house to build upon a new love or to keep love between a couple long-lasting, this is the kind of residence you should seek out. This sort of domain is perfect for balancing out the bond between two people.

Two is also a great number for those looking to start off new in their thinking , embracing new ideas. Yet, the household environment can have its drawbacks, as some people become so laidback that it is mistaken for laziness. To decorate your home in colors that bring about the highest level of strength and good fortune , turn towards shades of cream, green, and white.