The Quest for the Fountain of Youth

Throughout history, people have been in search for anything that will prolong the years of their life. From magic pills to superfruits, there has been one thing that has stood the test of time in regards to intriguing youth seekers from all over the world ”“ the Fountain of Youth. In this article, you will learn more about where this fountain is believed to be located.

The Fountain of Youth is a spring mentioned in legends allegedly has the power to restore the youth of anyone who takes a drink from its waters. For thousands of years, the tales of such a fountain has enchanted people looking for rejuvenation and cures for sickness. There have also been other bodies of waters thought to have restorative properties, such as the waters found in a mythical land called Bimini.
The Fountain of Youth and comparable bodies of water have been mentioned in the writings and art, including the following examples:

”¢    Herodotus ”“ an ancient Greek historian who lived during the 5th century BC, Herodotus is responsible for penning ‘The Histories.’ Herodotus mentioned a fountain that possessed a unique kind of water. He noted that the water was located in the land of the Ethiopians, which he attributed to the reason behind their longevity.

”¢    The Alexander the Great Romance ”“ Alexander the Great was a respected conqueror who became the central figure in many mythical adventures. Some have referred to a collection of associated legends as the Alexander romance. Early versions come from the Greeks, which date back to the 3rd century. Many centuries later, the text would appear in a variety of cultural publications, including Hebrew, Armenian, Latin, and Middle Greek. A tale called ‘Water of Life’ is part of Eastern versions of the Alexander romance, where Alexander the Great and his servant cross into the Land of Darkness to find a restorative spring.

”¢    European Mirror Cases ”“ The Fountain of Youth legend has appeared in Gothic art, such as the Casket with Scenes of Romances ”“ a piece made out of ivory and was featured on many ivory mirror cases that date back to the European Age of Exploration.

”¢    Sir John Mandeville Travels ”“ A popular medieval fantasy called The Travels of Sir John Mandeville makes mention of a Fountain of Youth that was located at the foot of a mountain outside Polombe in India.

”¢    Tales of Prester John ”“ Between the 12th century and 17th century, Prester John legends were popular throughout Europe. Legend had it that he was a holy king that ruled over a lost Christian nation located somewhere in the Orient. It was thought that he came from one of the three magi who gave gifts to Christ when He was born. The kingdom of Prester John was thought to hold endless riches. These tales, which included a Fountain of Youth, encouraged some to embark on voyages during the Middle Ages.