The realms

The realms
by Kre Spellhawk

True to the realm, as vast as they are in multitudes of the states of existance
its called where most who visit are surpassed by the hidden savvy of technology and technique
if in nature. Albeit some arent technology based and some or most are described as a mix of
things to be desired. The time within is 1/10th to 1/100th of a second depicting an ancient
planet that was considered Atlantis,

The usage of energy is amazing! As one can be supercharged
in seconds to allot for nonaging. But the place exists within a building that allows for the
realm and accessed by mind from anywhere depending on security. So it, the realm can be built
anywhere from spirits memories and the energy to do so comes from magnetic rock. And magnetic
particles that come from mars and other similiar. the building is conditioned to allow a motion
of a self-contained energy to allow no bad unless desired, and into sepulchural defined by
(rhythmic) conditions like a heartbeat. This is from another realm, as buildings do have a
heart and its usually the room with most energy or the kitchen. Stay with the area you evolved
in and hope to win or use knowledge as a win for effort and effecient mis/use activity.

The heart and house must be awakened to allow for the shift and the statement to
occur if ever to create a realm. Even if the person leaves then they can stay in the world or
wander into another by going into another, of the places and physical buildings, by feeling
the shift while walking through the doorframe and pulse energy. It takes a negative meanness
to counter the negative pulses from rejecting the bad efforts or allowing the negative come
over the god or spirit inside the body, with a shrug and a healing “of the body” by a drink.
The negative pulses allow for the place to shift and become “as the beholder desires” for
reality doesn’t stay the same with such pulses, but one must consider the planet thanks to a
medical specialist. The realms are as the person desires and formed by rejection of idea and
things not possible to you yourself. If an idea works or is used in anyway, then the creator
of it can come alive again, despite the people that don’t want it.

Where the original planet is listed as a white dwarf or quark that centers the universe at
http://www.lost-civilizations.net/atlantis-channelings-2.html. Most weird creatures are found
in the realms gathered by collectors or just “wander in”, but safeguards can be possible except
in certain conditions, such as low energy or low natural energy garnered by people in low
positions. To focus enough power and energy to achieve ability or “feats” or to accomplish a
goal with a considerate energy. To make a power feat is to understand energy and “pulse” it,
to create an energy effort by faith. That pulse is to cause what is focused on, as of energy,
thoughts, feelings and actions. A pass of considerate energy is to cause a recourse, a vibration
movement off the Planck energy level that causes life to exist.

Now some may confuse this as a seducement where you seduce it and it occurs. Where the
pulse is to recur an action by considerate energy focus. A small form of regenesis, where the
large form of regenesis allows a soul, dragon or demon for you to absorb into the body (any) by
energy infusion to cause your body to be demi-ized by the energy and the soul dispersed into the
body or to have an imprint or sub-c manipulation to keep the body in regenerative state.

A seducement is to use when your using by focus and hypnotic effort if a considerate
energy done, if using regenesis even if in a little amount what you do is to permanently
manifest an idea into the thing pulsed. What you achieved is overpowered motion and that is
power hungry to conquer, because of self-addiction and self understanding, with and foremost
that which is the concern of life and evil. To say stop to them is to affect a negative or dismal effect
and failure. Then the seducer will attain a coercive effort and try to lie or connive you to
do this as well o take your soul as a price. There is a somewhat perfect sound barrier, yet its
one weakness is what it doesn’t protect itself of. Physical blows that arent diverted unless the
barrier is electrified by being around electricity o using a tesla coil technique. Energy is the
key to absorbing the natural, wild, metaphysial, miscellanious and bad evil except of evil, it
causes corruption to anything touched in the end and this is if bad is allowed to exist.

The remainder of activities, is to note most arent evil after facing the consequences
of actions through cause and effect, and the pulse power feat is correctional as it rejects the
bad and replaces with good. Thanks to the Justice League. From examples, if good is condoned then much
is made good and very skilled by actions in its own form. As some good is considered a considerate
motion or very skilled in kung fu herein as practice of most things, mental or physical to gain
a skill. This kung-fu = skill in motion where wunjo is martial arts thanks to an unknown chinese
site. Belief and called faith is formed by the pulse and seduction conditions. Where faith makes
kung-fu more effective in addictions and actions of life. If you mix in a few word phrases then
the ritual ceromony is mucho better or to use a wiccan/druid/whatever ritual to achieve better
results also considered long ritual with energy pulse or regenesis.

Pulses – pusix

Pulses of energy form to be absorbed as of Osmosis and not to move it except a little
or on purpose, the object. from physical radiation as physical power, of electricity or energy
impulse run by kinetic motion or radiation devising that result in a conditioning of the item,
body, machine or person and program with voice or by running a device, thanks to Egore and Steve,
The recourse effect is made by focus toward a goal by energy to have any work effort. The ritual
can create havoc due to poor thought, planning and scattered concepts with bad consequences, A
ritual can also create a special focus of overloaded energy that lasts quite a while and sometimes
it starts small to go undetected until its moment. A lot of people merit or are considerate of
power thats overwhelming to some to get what they want.

Where its really energy formed of information or an idea to cause or curse the
manifestation to exist if the representation is realistic, what is focused by energy, can
exist from information and transform the body from within or without. So when knowledge is
balanced by mental power and physical physique, from the fact of understanding knowledge that
is alloted or allowed for. Ritual is a part of it, and with ritual can faith and ability work
exceptionally. By use of pulse and faith will it, the act not fail unless blocked or fall. As
the energy dies by falling down on the peak of action in progress or work. To block ritual is
to become prone and absorbative unless its a physical manifest, at which point its all indirect
as a (focused) force of manipulation. Some who take energy to use it is likely to puss at the
mouth considered foaming unless regenesis. As its energy thats very wild and mostly against
you yourself, so it tears you up inside with a deteriation effect that sometimes appears as
aging. Some might get corruption of body tissue and form fat and muscle.

So act out the part to form reality with pulses that are yours, and form the energy
into existance (any) as with a hand crossing down and turning over your focusing hand, where
your focusing hand is what you write with. By the opinionator, ‘The force of vision explains
this, but it looks and does.’ Focus energy from your crown chakra through your body with with
rhythmatic force and change into a form by hypnotic energy by effort of mental music or music
and think of the form. Your form changes with the heart energy vibratically changing the form.
Turn the palms down and with an idea of releasing the pulse back into the body. Talk about what
to change, make an image of what to change into mesmerizing yourself. Talk about the parentage
to change back into a new form by thinking about it or make a noise and feel the pulse to get
the effect, where some think and become the form.

Think ‘I can’t beat it so I will do it.’ The effect idea is to feel energy of your crown chakra
is to focus through the crown chakra, and this also includes what is noted. So to chakra focus and
send by allowing through the body and to the arm makes a person faint after, or almost after as
afterfect or an afterimage that tends to oblige the daydream effect. That is what you consider
fading as afterword your faded from reality into the daydream area if you want to go there.
Sometimes, what you were thinking about tends to happen but it really works and needs work, to
focus the effect by your heart or hand by the crown chakra energy and to absorb energy from the
wrist is using it for preparation. To be the energy is to bring forth a life pulse of effort and
make it do as is your will by double the effect. As my body is to represent the will I do appreciate for the will represents, my body is to do as it wants. You don’t have to be fat but
phat as a successful worker outer with my changes or your own changes. But fat is a result of bad diet with idea to make up lost work. Thus fat adds more power by body and idea to use it as a fuel where power is ability by blood flow, or order by direct focus.

The crown ‘chakra’ focus is with your head as it draws energy as with energy once in will go
left to right: Then turn palms down and then cross your writing hand over the other, to clean
metascientifically anything with an idea to clean easily or clean idea. Palm up with intent of
air or water energy and palm down of your opposite or both hands to yield with a exertion of
mastery for fire or earth. Another way is to form hand out and curled to stream energy pulses
including spirit. after this your likely to find seduction with seeing the reality of your attempt,
the moment of a vision or daydream that most won’t see except if its shared for a daystream.
Sharing a daystream event is with 3 or more but one is to assume the role and speak it, the lines
to act, and speak it aloud and they might see the vision. Those that don’t think your Insane,
Crazy, if you attempt more explainings.

The biume technique is to create a biume field of living energy that works off
live energy and living personification and with motion (consumptive and unkind as it
makes other living beings do its work sometimes). With the biume, it will look like it
blooms up within a few seconds and stops drawing from the area then dies down. Sorta like
bootstrapping or kickstarting a machine to make it work. Stroke the keyboard or item and
feel the energy channel into the item, ie focus energy into the item but not to move it
unless necessary. and the item will do as it will but as you say even if the item goes
rogue. Its a personal AI and works for you yourself by regenesis and safe horcrux making
where normal horcruxing is to use a killing or wrong to split the soul, this leases the
soul to the machine bit by bit. A safe measure is to take yourslf out of the machine to
create it, and make void energy by using each touch to suck the machine or keyboard of
the machine personality that is you.

Also the machine can get tertory, a contemplative mood that feeds off attention unless
it has other energy like a maxwell demon for an auto or living biomachine. It gets tortory, a
retortive mood, if the being in the vehicle or machine is threatened and it retaliates by
retort. The tertiry mood is to know all in an area like a roadmap, and needs some indications
to the direction from the area and personal energy. Tirtiry is energy that allows free movement,
and it reroads as it forms the road at need. Tortyry is in relating a means to a way for the
machine as if it was in training mode.

Use of the blue flame of eternity makes for idea circumstances as if the energy is
high enough, then the flame becomes alive from using a lighter, testing for energy level and
think to increase the energy until it turns eternal blue at 1′ extension, and then will the
effort of work by the blue flame to happen as an idea with visualization. The kickstarter of
the lighter uses a spark to start the flame and can add in the effort of your will, thanks
to Roy. This causes the eternal flame to exist even from chemicals, fear will put it out or
get you to put it put out.

Now it, the biume, is a negative energy if emotional and the idea of its use is always
negative. Thanks to Dr. Gorbitov, an alternative way is to focus on the item until it “takes
life” by drawing energy and either way its noted to “live”, thanks to Russian scientists, by
effective energy drawn of things near unless told to draw from the sun. Now to use a setup
like a gate with use of a unused area and then set up another gate to link as an anchor.
Use this to send the effort of your will to make upto 1000% more effort by work in energy
and physical activity. With physical work manipulated by the energy don’t make it too tough,
or the body gets bruised, your body and not others unless a natural accident and this might
appear to the worker like regeneration. So in effect its to manifest a thing, between two
placed area anchors or doors, to get an effort that normally wouldn’t work, but unless conditions
allow of ever, ready energy resurges and unlimited activity scope. Thanks to a psi group for
anchors and for the example from the dimensional gating idea.

Theres a 10% drain unless you replenish immediately of energy using the techniques
and methods to turn them, the doubters to believers or the effect itself, but if they have
doubts, a 60% chance exists to be taken away or driven away by just showing it, and 30% to
be disrupted along the lines of the attempt suceeding and yet the attempt is reconcilable.
To improve your chance detail of it, state the moment that relates to the idea or flavor of
a philosophy. Due note: some distractions work by despair and by despairing people and for
keeping people in line, making for reconsideration like keeping people awake or changing
thier minds. An important note: Outside manifestation is used by pulsing where seduction is
suggestion and causes inner manifestation and selfish intent the body unless shifted outside
by rejection. Ritual use is to bring both into play or just one for inner and outer manifestation,
by cause of allowing any focused exception. Any regret and this adds to a failing force, with
raising results that disappear. In doubt, use what works and proven by others.

The idea behind this, is to create a new creature or future event from the area of
energy, metasciences, and metaphysics, or in meta application like faith, I met up an idea
that is applicable and that is to create an idea is to work it to understand and let others
do it. Some other, like psychic, unclairivoyant or clairivoyant types can create from physical
activity with a pulse, destructive or undestructive, held in the body and at will, this will
be the shield. The sex aid in this effort is to improve your sex and feel the action of sex
far more likely. Measured in focused amount of effort is % in minutes. Where the described
effect can create mucous, drooling with 1% in minutes of pulse focus as to hold a pulse is
to slowly age the body and it acts like a drug after 3% in minutes, By use of regenesis is
to create effort without drooling as the effect to do developement or dowsing for 5 or more
% in minutes at most is standable, and deadfalling is what happens within 10-20% in minutes
of falling down unconscious. Any use after a major focus will knock unconscious the person
after the ability can shut off, anywhere from 1 minute to 5 minutes or longer unless instant.
Some experimentation is to prove bogus flamius;

1. You can’t really move an object as you can really do damage except yourself or another thing
designed for it by pulse, unless you achieved the tk (telekinetic) moment, and spin it like a
spinwheel or move it aside or other direction.
2. To lift an object might take a circular motion and use the focus of atoms to spin the object
and raise it up from aid of circular centrifugal force by visualization, of atomic red dots or
the atoms spinning around. Or to feel the object or person lift up and draw in the pulse around
the object as you do it.
3. Speak to the item or person and try to allow by suggestion to be bio-pk’ed (bio
psychokinesised) up or for whatever purpose.
4. Psychoportation – to shift by a will with Destination, Determination, Decision from (c) the
Harry Potter Apport lessons, The shift force by the 3 D’s and a energy release to pulse with
“shift there” idea or words spoken to the same regard, and visualize a tunnel of light to lift
you up and there at the Destination with a loss or victory as rememberance. The to imagine where
you wanna go.
5. To expand or unexpand the molecules by a feeling of the object to change and pool the energy
near the spot or the whole thing to change it, just by speaking it you can change one small part
or one whole item at a time. The idea of trying too hard will get you nowhere and a change in your
body too much is to destabilize it. To cause the growth and shrinking of the effort and object.
The easy thing is for your own mass to shrink or grow but objects are a training by trial and error
to do the same. Try as you will it will be harder to adapt a full locomotive to a larger track as
rails are fixed. To take in energy from this is to gain in height as sharing one will to leach to
another might get things better. The absolute effort is to create a demise of one force and any
links is a self-developement or dead link that loses the link to the dead thing or they have a feel
to self-accost unless they’re de-linked.

The perfect defense as a shield and healing is link both hands and feel the energy flow
with a 10% failure rate and can turn blows of physical and mental by repulsing, phasing away
or causing discomfort of or in people. Enchantments in this case are by pulse held in the
object by a touch and a life decay that is longer than normal, an increased half life. Where
and when fantasy meets life then no decay ever happens. Because, before the decay occurs;
fantasy will have taken the destruction and left nothing but a sickness that disappears with
the fantasy..only with alot of water will it not be noted and with disruption of phantasy comes
irritation or complaint. The sickness can be removed by a void pulse to disrupt the effort of
the bad thing, which can be any badly acting force. Usage of a demonic or positive pulse can
remove the destructive influence.

Resources can build on each other, as one person uses the idea, person or resource and
another thing, idea or person works to act as a raw focus to work by biofeedback, adding back
into the resource from the one whom made the resource or discovered it. Essentially the
resource is a path of energy and in an area, doubled in energy and strained if possible
of negative pulse by feedback in writing or use Energy is a rule of itself and ruled by
itself through conditions/relations. Still, and again one can worship to gain better resolve by
attempting to do for themselves an activity. But must name the source or think by feeling
and allowing the image to come to mind of it unless a machine, thanks to Radiology. This can
strengthen the source and effort of they, the people and God, or gain in source which is
what worship does with a ritual to whatever God. is named to you yourself You achieve the
“result” subject, if you achieve an understanding or know the reason. And you achieve the
reason if you know the subject by osmosis and example. You yourself can tell what the writer
does think on as with freudian slips, or what you didn’t say makes the meaning and
understanding. Its also possible to tell what the person thinks and what education level
the author has by what they leave out. To write it is to achieve it unless not intended to
happen where an attempt on it, the action is to make it happen.

Often the mistake of the writer is to attain a goal and disprove it by blatant lies
for the effort of it, the attempt. So, try to write as if you know the subject for smart
appearances. To get things right, use with information gathering from anywhere including
examples. Even if you don’t know the subject, you know it after you start writing. You can
“fig” it out and if you want, you yourself could have others to look it over if you trust
them. So try to coach the words to yourself and the audience or you yourself won’t get
approval by the reader, even if they don’t like it some others will like it.

Get the peers viewpoint and add it in, even if disliked. Write on the level that
you know the material and the target reader group, know it with understanding but if a few
terms are unknown then use examples. What cannot be understood won’t be understood and if
a zealot is reading it, your material, is tricked because the zealot won’t understand what
they don’t want to understand. If there is no zealot trigger words of thier fear, then
they won’t be afraid unless they are somewhat like a pure christian can get near a satanic

A quoth “Truth can’t be denied unless disproven”. By General Washington, “The idea
is adroitly recounted only by effort and similiar placement where most can condone it. If
overproduced as a idea producer, it can be discounted or produce discounted items.” Where an
aid is an act of kindness in any case including where no amount of kindness can persuade,
hostility as in the idea of Washington “try and be like that which is (existant).” In the
case of methodology and pulsing, “charming as it may sound, don’t always do it because no
drooling and remain alive where undead if too much” by George Schueraeg. This in fact may
cause the living undead to walk or a necrophiliac fear to rise, upon seeing a body come to
life. As reported https://www.unexplainable.net/artman/publish/article_2010.shtml.

So useful is useful and things even out to be wasted if not used. Some useful aspects
are negated if done at yourself of negative and destructive nature because its your aura
influenced to filter the energy. Originality isn’t always improved upon by changing what
others state so quote the rest except for your own. To take what they say and put it in
your own words allows you to do it, the statement, without quotes which can lead to the mistake.
The resources are counted as self-debilitating or self-building and feedback energy
creates more for the resources. Where most attempt to know the idea if you know the
reason. Consider it bias, or moisty motion, and add in to achievement of work to gain a good
reason where a good reason can exist as good bias.

Now we are talking about the further influences to energy as its to use the moon and
sun as a indirect source of male and female energy. Its these forces that direct the conditions
behind power. Infini, As for Infini, every living thing contains it, obviously. When something
is used, Infini is acted as the fuel, though Infini is never actually ‘consumed’. Everything,
including Cosmeria, is the general conjoining of Ether and Aether into Akasha or united spirit
(Animus) and mind (Nuero), it defines the wholeness of the universe and is the giant container.
Ether and Aether act as messangers and gain divided power, they also act as the rules and
boundaries for the universe. Basically Akasha also has the attributes from both Ether and
Aether making gray matter that is imprintable only once per action and reimprintable once per
attempt and it forms in any shape the wielder wants plus invisible at first. This gray matter
is made by a negative attuned, gray film layer with an idea of creation that incites the layer
to be neutral with either red or white particles to pick up the imprint like a rewritable cdrom.
Life plays the cdrom and memory is the video or scenes provoked by feeling from life.

It transcends dimensions and is reality itself. This gray substance, Akasha, is usually
impossible to wield but with the third eye and imagination you can wield it. With Akasha you
can make anything work for you or do things. Its the strongest boost for any spell or psi
skill.If you tamper with this element, would be tampering with the fabrics of Reality. This
may not be safe for those who do not look ahead to consider all possible consequences. The
energy or byproduct of Cosmeria is to have power from both negative, like doubt made from
bad prosperity and similiar or chaos and lack of faith, thanks to Broswell and Roswell and
positive like faith and any belief including the lack. Its truly powered by both, light and

Although, cosmeria would combust before it would destroy as to do a negative with it
dispells the negative that causes it. With to many things to be affected by both sides with a
concept that sets the sides almost against each other, The binder should be a white lie and
redirective type that inters both sides as opposites of each other and hides that of location
or shields them both from each other. Universal with negative and neutral bindings, was derived
from Infini. You could think of Infini as the light that hits a prism before it divides into
seperate colors of light.

And because of this you’d need enough power to force the seperate colored lights
(elements) back through the prism to attain and control Infini. A feat that has thus far
been unaccomplishable. The easy path to infini is to draw a triangle and an inner upside
down triangle with a dot in the center. There have been some cases of people all of a sudden
encompassed in a golden light. Everywhere they look is golden, though this doesn’t last
long it’s a wonderful feeling. This is the closest (in my opinion) that man has ever gotten
to infini. INFINITE. There is no limit to it’s power. There is no limit to what it can do,
how well it can do it, or anything. Like I said, it’s like Godmode in a game. Not just
godmode like, doubled health(not physical), twice the attack, anything like that…Godmode,
like, nothing can TOUCH you.

Well, all I can really say, as to it’s potentials….It’s just like it’s name describes
INFINITE. There is no limit to it’s power. There is no limit to what it can do, how well it
can do it, or anything. Like I said, it’s like Godmode in a game. Not just godmode like,
doubled health, twice the attack, anything like that…Godmode, like, nothing can TOUCH you.
Nor can you TOUCH normal magic or energy to achieve the result unless you switch to another
source because your immune. When immune your likely to not be effected nor want to feel the
things your immune to.

It can be focused into a weapon, and when you do that, the edge is like, so sharp that
it’s down to less than an atom in width. So if it touches something, it just slices straight
through And when you slice all the way through, then you can either let that body dissipate,
or there’s like, a few particles left, and you can pretty much do a lightning infini effect
on them, where it just destroys them from the inside out. Pretty much, I’ve told you all of
what I know, but. It can be used to make any element you want, new or already discovered.
But you know that.

Infini-Fire, though. When it touches the target, it litterally destroys the part of
them that it touched. If only a whisp of it touched a part of their arm, it would pull a chunk
out of their arm. When the flame’s gone, that part would be just… Gone. That’s pretty much
how all of it’s forms are, though. With it’s Water form, it just sweeps the person over and
when it passes, they’re gone. Its basically infini, the lightning. Oh god, I haven’t even ran
any simulations yet on that,.it enters and dissolves as it the infini lightning occurs from
within to without. But it’s wierd…Is it normal that, when you find a new element that no
one’s ever used before, you know exactally how to use it? ‘Cause I see it’s full potential.
And it really makes me want to hide it. Where Aether is light infini in focused form and laser
x100 percent. This sorta gives religious experience or glory points per use as it can sustain
life even in things that aren’t alive like objects.

It can be focused into a weapon, and when you do that, the edge is like, so sharp that
it’s down to less than an atom in width. So if it touches something, it just slices straight
through. And when you slice all the way through, then you can either let that body dissipate,
or there’s like, a few particles left, and you can pretty much do a lightning infini effect on
them, where it just destroys them from the inside out.

Create the fruit of life from the tree of life or a fruit. use an infusion of infini as
the program to the fruit or seed and it creates knowledge of the soul as in a awakening of
memory and ability. The two together are sometimes experience and ominipotent ritual kung-fu
ability or old vanity like in your favorite habit or action. So its similiar to the tree of
life or might. Where the might comes from ability of the person’s will and desire to understand
and conquer, along with ability focused for warfare where the tree of life is to support the
area and protect it while giving knowledge, the might tree will consume the area to support
might and destroy it in the end.