The Recent Illuminati-Fueled Marketing Ploys of Kanye West

Known for suspected ties to the Illuminati, controversial song lyrics, clashes with religious communities, and constant supporter of blatant references to the Illuminati, Kanye West is still making moves within the entertainment industry. In addition to becoming a new father and dating one of the most notorious reality TV show stars, West has also been making headlines with recent Illuminati-related statements that come through in advertisements for his new album, Yeezus, and new sneakers, the Nike Air Yeezy 2 Red.

You may have already heard about the backlash West has been receiving for his ‘I am a God’ comments and song lyrics related to his new album. The very name of the album (‘Yeezus’) is a take on Jesus that sends shivers down the backs of Christians. Now, the latest talk surrounding the celebrity rapper is how this new album is being promoted.

If you take a look at secret societies and the occult, numerology plays an important role in the meaning behind some of their primary beliefs. Whether pure coincidence (yet highly doubtful) or done intentionally, West’s album and the marketing of his latest music creation incorporates a great deal of 6’s.

One could brush off the fact that this album is his sixth, as West cannot help being a prolific artist. However, the choice to release the album on June 18, 2013 (6/18/2013) is quite interesting, as this date is said to actually translate into 6/(6+6+6)/6  in regards to one of the most ancient systems of analyzing the effect that numbers have on the universe – Kabbalistic numerology.

As if that wasn’t enough, word has it that Kanye’s promotion team decided to spread the word about the album by projecting the video New Slaves across 6 different countries – plastering images on the side of 66 buildings. Yes, put it all together, and you have ‘666’.

West’s new album isn’t the only thing stirring the Illuminati pot…he’s also putting out another pair of limited edition sneakers that also incorporates questionable imagery.

In the beginning, the highly anticipated Nike Air Yeezy 2 Reds was slated to coincide with the release of Kanye’s album, but Nike later confirmed that the sneakers are now planned to debut later in 2013. The limited-release sneakers will only have a production number of 1,000 pairs.  Red suede will be used in the makeup of the footwear with the sole reportedly made from a red glow-in-the-dark material.

One of the features that Air Yeezy sneakers possess is a curious-looking triangle logo with a bird inside. We already know that the Illuminati is a group associated with the triangle, but the design of the bird also pays homage to the Egyptian god Horus. This deity of Egypt is the same one referenced in the Eye of Horus (or all-seeing eye) that is often linked to the Illuminati. The Eye of Horus is also a symbol that has significant meaning to other secret societies of the occult, such as the Ordo Templi Orientis (or O.T.O., for short).

Using this triangle/Egyptian deity symbol to market sneakers is an interesting choice on the part of Kanye West’s design and product team. The emergence of 6’s regarding the promotion of West’s album is also very telling. For someone who repeatedly denies having anything to do with the Illuminati, there certainly are quite a few coincidences to consider.