The Rise of the Rough Beast

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Synarchistic Excerpt:

“Whereas Anarchy believes that the state should have no authority over the life and behaviour of an individual, Synarchy took quite the opposite view. In other words, the more control the state has over the individual the better.

“Essentially, Synarchy advocates government by secret society — or, in its own terms, by an elite of enlightened initiates who rule from behind the scenes. It therefore doesn’t matter which political party holds power in a state — or even what political system that state has…

“St-Yves believed in the existence of spiritually superior beings that could be contacted telepathically. His elite would be made up of people who were in communication with them. He himself claimed that he was in touch with these beings, and that they actually gave him the principles of Synarchy.”

As we approach the Millennium, there is a growing sense of expectancy that some event, or revelation, will change the world forever. For fundamentalist Christians it is the Second Coming — but you don’t have to be a fundamentalist Christian to share the belief that the world is soon going to change, and change radically.

The one thing that many of these expectations have in common is the sense that the past is catching up with us — that the transformation of our future will, in some way, be connected the ancient past. Ancient sites around the world are the focus of Millennium Fever — but none more so than those of Egypt, and particularly the Giza Plateau. Many believe that some revelation connected with the Great Pyramid, or with the Sphinx, will be the trigger for a New Age.