The Role of Fish in Superstitions I

Fishing is a popular sporting and leisure activity that has taken place for centuries. Along the way, fishermen have come up with some interesting superstitions regarding avoiding bad luck and gaining success when participating in a fishing trip. This article will share a few that involve topic, such as the weather and fishing pole superstitions.
The Weather
It is believed that fishing on a cloudy day is one of the best times for a victorious outing.
Some believe that it is easier to catch catfish when it is thundering because they supposedly bite at the lines more frequently. However, others feel that the thunder scares away the fish. There is another superstition that fish become more excited when it is raining, which could increase your chances of bringing home a catch. Others believe that if you go fishing right after a hard rain, you will have better luck catching fish.
The Wind
Some fishermen live by the phrase: “Wind from the south, hook in the mouth/ Wind from the east, bite the least/ Wind from the north, further off/ Wind from the west, bite the best.”
If you fish against the wind, some believe that you will catch more fish. It is said not to fish when the wind is in the west, as it is said that the fish will not bite.
Some believe that if the wind is in the east, you should position your boat on the east side of the bank.
A Good Time to Go Fishing
There is a superstition that if you see a chicken oiling its feathers, it is a good time to go fishing.
Bad Luck for Fishermen
It is said that if a rabbit crosses your path when you are about to go fishing, it is a sign of bad luck for the rest of the day.
Fishing Pole Superstition
Some people will not carry a fishing pole into the house before an outing because they believe they will not catch anything.

It is said that if the end of your pole touches the water, you will not have a good day of fishing.
When you go fishing, it is considered bad luck to change poles in the middle of a trip.
After putting a worm on your hook, it is said that spitting on it will bring good luck. Another good luck superstition about fishing is chewing on anise and then spitting on your fishing hook.
If you’re looking for a good luck article of clothing for your fishing trip, people often believe hats hold the most power. For many, they don’t go out to the water without a specific hat on their head.
The First Catch
If you want good luck for a day of fishing, it is said to throw in the first fish that you catch back into the water. However, there are some people that say it is luckier to save the first fish caught, while tossing it back into the water means that you are throwing away your luck.