The Role of Fish in Superstitions II

Some fishermen won’t go fishing on certain days of the week, while others have specific days they consider luckier than others. Some people plan their trips according to the fullness of the moon. In this article, you will encounter more superstitions regarding fishing.  
The Moon
In the daytime, some say that fish bite the best when the moon is dark because they cannot see under these conditions and appear to be hungrier. At night, fish tend to bite the best on the increase of the moon or a full moon.
Good Friday Luck
Some believe that if they fish for the first time in the season on Good Friday, then they will enjoy good luck in fishing for the rest of the year. As for others, they feel that fishing on a Friday in unlucky.
Your Lines
To catch the most fish, it is said to use three or five lines rather than just one to catch the most fish. Some believe that fish will not bite if you are using a bright cork on your line. If your lines get crossed when fishing, it is considered unlucky.
A New Rod
Some believe that you hurt your chances of having a good fishing trip when you do not properly break in your rod. It is thought that choosing just the right place to break in a new reel or rod can affect the success of a trip. For example, it is suggested to take lightweight equipment to a location that has a reputation for having a nice population of good-sized fish. Fishermen warn again using a travel set at a local setting.
Have you ever heard of this saying regarding good luck for fishermen and sunshine? It goes a little something like this: ” If a fisherman goes out to fish, he should always pray/ For perpetual sunshine that will not fade away/ And he will have good luck all day.”
The Days You Fish
For some reason, some people believe that good days to go fishing are on the 17th and 18th of the month. There is a superstition that says if a person goes fishing every Sunday, one day he will catch the Devil on his hook, and get snatched off into the water and drown.
Seeing a pin on the ground can have an effect on a fishing trip. It’s considered bad luck to leave behind one.
Fish in a Tank
If you own a fish tank and see that they are swimming towards the surface of the water, this is considered by some , a sign that you’ll enjoy a good day of fishing. However, if the fish are keeping to the bottom of the tank, some people will reconsider going out on the water.

Your Line
If you drop your line before attaching to a pole, it is recommended to toss the line away and start with a new one. The superstitious believe you won’t catch any fish with dropped line.
If you let someone step over your line, it is thought to bring bad luck.