The Sad Case of Amanda Bynes ”“ Is She a Rebelling Victim of Mind Control?

Following in the footsteps of many child stars before her, Amanda Bynes’ life is spiraling out of control and it’s taking place right in front of the public’s eyes. With the power of social media further complicating her downfall, her most recent physical appearance and actions has many wondering ”“ what the heck happened to this once-sweet, kid-friendly celebrity? Is she another young mind affected by Monarch Mind Control or the programming tactics of the entertainment industry?

Usually, drug and alcohol use is at the center of a former child star’s demise, as their former squeaky clean images take repeated hits until they are no longer a celebrity to be taken seriously. Amanda Bynes has appeared in numerous kid-friendly movies and television programs in the span of her career, including the TV series, ‘What I Like About You’ and movies, such as ‘What a Girl Wants’ and ‘She’s the Man.’ In the past, she appeared in her own self-titled show, and showed a flair for comedy.

Yet, despite having a relatively prosperous career at one point, Bynes hasn’t appeared in anything of substance since 2010. In fact, most of the headlines and appearances on television that she’s been making lately have been on shows, such as TMZ, for repeated brushes with the law and her increasingly erratic behavior. It is this behavior that has led some to think that she’s been a victim of entertainment-industry programming or had an encounter with MK-Ultra mind control.

Could her behavior be linked to the backlash of MK programming? Because she’s showing some of the same signs as a suspected former rerogrammed celebrity ”“ Britney Spears. Just think back and recall the meltdown that the popular pop star had a couple of years ago ”“ no one knew what caused the singer to act in the oddest of ways. Remember the incident at the beauty salon when Spears insisted on shaving off all of her hair? She did it herself. Bynes has showed similar signs ”“ posting a Twitter flick of herself with one side of her hair shaved off. Perhaps, both women shaved their hair to make a statement that they controlled their own bodies. Hair is viewed as an important part of a woman’s appearance, and what better way to express themselves than to use their hair?

Is Bynes having a similar meltdown? Her recent actions (posting endless self-photos revealing weight loss and the actress in her bra), changes to her appearance (such as body art on her cheeks, bleached hair, and suspected plastic surgery), and declarations (making inappropriate, sexual comments and requests regarding other celebrities on her Twitter account), have her family, friends, and others worried. She doesn’t even want any ties to her former self, and requests that the media stop using ‘old’ photos of her.  

Bynes has been in the entertainment business since she was 10 years old, and it wasn’t long before she had her own program on Nickelodeon. After a string of movies and television shows, Bynes started to exhibit erratic behavior as soon as she got close to ‘legal age.’ Magazines started to show the actress in a different light, and it wasn’t uncommon to see her in a sexualized manner. Her once innocent-looking appearance and persona steadily tanked. She was no longer the girl-next-door, straight-A student that everyone once knew. From then on, it was Maxim covers and sexy magazine spreads.

What’s also quite interesting is Bynes’ ‘Got Milk’ ad, where the theme of her campaign was ‘metamorphosis,’ and shows the actress with a butterfly (of all things) on her nose. The butterfly is a well-known symbol of Monarch Mind Control.

Today, Bynes is 27 years old and it seems as if her roller-coaster ride in Hollywood has left her traumatized and lost. She could have very well been a victim of re-programming. It’s said that people who have undergone such programming start to experience a kind of meltdown because their bodies and minds can no longer handle the deep trauma they’ve been subjected to in the past. In addition to Monarch Mind Control, Bynes seems like a prime suspect for Sex Kitten Programming because lately, she’s been using her sexuality as a means to get attention.

Whether the actress has been reprogrammed in some way or has undergone mind control tactics of the entertainment industry, Bynes is definitely trying to assert her independence (by any means necessary). Her actions are becoming increasingly disturbing, which will hopefully not end in tragedy ”“ like so many of her fellow child stars.