The Sad Trend of Mocking Religion through Clothing Designs

When it comes to the subject of crosses, there is a lot of religious debate as to whether or not worshipping the idol is a bad thing or a good thing. One side believes that it makes a mockery of Jesus’ sacrifice, while others believe it serves as a reminder of who they worship and what their faith. Regardless of your stance on the cross, it is a symbol that evokes thoughts of Jesus. In the clothing company world however, it is often a symbol that is frivolously tossed around and made a mockery of.

Many alternative and mainstream clothing sites on the Internet have incorporated pieces into the line that display the cross as a main focus. The words ‘Jesus Saves’ often accompany the overall design, and other features may also infuse a bit of ‘humor.’

A few examples of this trend include:

The Jesus Saves”¦Spend Statements

Skreened is an online site that offers design custom T-shirts, which also provides a creation tool that allows users to make their own prints on apparel that they canpurchase. This website offers two different takes on the ‘Jesus Saves’ phrase with the following unisex American Apparel tank top. One says “Jesus Saves, I Spend” while the other says “Jesus Saves so I Can Spend.” On HUMAN, an online community comprised of artists that showcases clothing, you will find the American Apparel ‘Jesus Saves, I Spend’ Sweatshirt. It seems to be a recurring theme offered in many different clothing piece options.

Jesus Saves, I Spend Cardigan

UNIF is a clothing company that not only creates designs that mock religion, but also spreads visual messages associated with imagery linked to the Illuminati and the Masons. This cardigan also utilizes the ‘Jesus saves, I spend’ phrase, which is plastered on the back of the piece in large white letters. Even the description for the cardigan suggests that it will “piss off some religious folk.” This particular piece was found on an online site called Dolls Kill, which encourages its targeted audience to have ‘the balls to stand out from a crowd” and emphasizes change and experimentation in regards to fashion.

The ‘Jesus Saves’ T ”“Shirt

In this case, the ‘Jesus Saves’ is displayed as “Jesu$aves” ”“ an obvious pun on words associated with the religious meaning of the phrase, which comes off as a fashionable ridicule of Christianity. This design is more elaborate than some of the other examples. There are other questionable pieces of symbolism and imagery that appears in the design. You will notice the all-seeing eye found inside of a triangle (a nod to the Illuminati). The two lightning bolts actually resemble the Nazi SS symbol. It’s a sad display of artwork that promotes self-destructive behavior and glorifies the culture of death to today’s youth.

Two Sides to the Cross Argument

There’s something about seeing a cross or Jesus’ name on a T-shirt that makes some quite agitated. There are two sides to the argument regarding the meaning of the cross, and both sides will use religious text to back their viewpoints.

For those who are against crosses, and who especially do not agree with incorporating the imagery into clothing may quote the following religious passages:

”¢    Exodus 20:4, 5: “You must not make for yourself a carved image or a form like anything that is in the heavens above or that is on the earth underneath or that is in the waters under the earth.” Some interpret this to mean that a cross that depicts the crucifixion is a carved image that one should not worship.

”¢    1st Corinthians 10:14: “Therefore, my beloved ones, flee from idolatry.” An idol is an image or symbol that serves as an object of intense devotion or worship, which is what many see the cross as standing for.

”¢    Hebrews 6:6 also states that when relying on a reminder to remember what Christ did for you, the act constantly exposes Christ to public shame. Therefore, some will use the argument that a cross is seen as a symbol that repeatedly exposes Jesus to that particular shame.