The seven plagues biblical reference

The 7 plagues listed in new revelation bible book, but never detailed as its a mention of them only. These are the possible plagues, at a guess in several ages back to now order.

1 Kipoly plague or polymorph plague which turned humans, into other beings was gotten by mutation effects caused by uranium, and other toxic things being mined, unknowing triggered the plague effects plus, the form the victim thought about, was what they became. It was spread through thru natural selection, and touch letting itself pass to the, new host as an electrical discharge.

Then it forced a lethargy on the victim, to sleep such as a coma in which the change happened, to the body and only after it was finished, would the victim wake up sometimes frightened of themselves, for the change that occurred. After this, the person only had to look at someone, to become the form plus there was no reprieve, as the victim becomes a shapeshifter. This plague formed like such as faeries, trolls and orcs by this mutative plague, and can be controlled by shapeshift methods. The only cure is to take in enchanted liquid silver, as a drink in a small quantity to kill the curse leaving a slight, undeadness to the body but control, of the shapeshift ability.

2 Vampirism started as a plague that killed, but a regenerative person came back spreading a mutated version, causing living undead slightly affected by sunlight and unable to see a dawn, without death. They can eat anything tho without trouble, plus rare steaks be a very good substitute.

3 Black plague which was caused by feeder ticks and fleas, mutated by volcanic ash to continuosly feed, spreading anemic to worse effect ending in death, by a chest rattle.

4 Byoma or baphomet plague – power triggered plague infects on attack, touch or power share gives the person astral woman wings, womans breasts, astral forehead star, goatshape head, spell immunity, drug resistance, slight dementia, suggestability, regeneration and omnipotence plus it is symbiotic to, its host leaving only an undead scent, to the body making it into that of a lich. The cure is faery water.

5 Tuberculosis was a lung disease spread by lung, coughing fits that spread germs in sneezes and cured, by peninsulin made by a plant.

6 Aids which is a disease that spreads through fornication, and caused immune system failure of the body due to too many drugs.

7 Dimentia caused by suicide tendency plus stress, overload leading to lack of sleep and the mind breaking, into destructive visions after a mental breakdown and cuz of inability, to handle a situation the victim turns to destructive, purpose guided by suicide tendency turned to death tendency. The cure is to ingore the visions and voices, by observing them to shut them out thru meditation, with sheer force of will plus discipline.