The Single Eye Symbolism of i-D Magazine

In the fashion world, single eye symbolism has become more commonplace than ever before, and many people won’t think twice when they see the Illuminati-related gesture appearing in a clothing ad. That’s the point…there are people out there with the agenda to have the symbol become increasingly acceptable among the public, and when celebrities, musicians, actresses, and fashion models are seen displaying it – widespread acceptance is achieved. While some companies attempt to conceal their intentions regarding Illuminati symbolism, others seem to go too far, as you will notice with i-D Magazine.

i-D Magazine is a London-based company that has been around for more than 30 years. The mag concentrates on featuring people in fashion, music, art, film, and any other field related to creativity. Over the years, the magazine has come to serve as an influential member of the fashion community – first emerging in 1980  as a fanzine centered on punk street style. Priding itself on being ultra-creative, i-D’s editorial content is often sought after for its ability to inspire, as well as to surprise or shock.

One of the magazine’s signifying gestures is a ‘wink,’ which creates the single eye symbolism that we have all grown to know as representing the Illuminati. It is this symbolism that appears in every issue of the magazine, and those in connection with the publication are encouraged to ‘wink.’

As for the single-eye symbolism that the magazine embraces, the issue is addressed in the ‘About Us’ section of i-D’s website – declaring that the ‘wink and smile on each front cover’ is a ‘graphic representation of the magazine’s logo.’ The magazine also boasts about how many people have given a ‘cheeky wink’ for the magazine, from the likes of Madonna, Tilda Swinton, Kanye West, and a handful of notable models. They describe such people as being part of ‘the world’s fashion elite’ as well as ‘the great and the grounded.’ We all know that the term ‘elite’ isn’t taken lightly if you believe in secret societies and those who support a New World Order agenda, so this type of language is sure to raise a few eyebrows.

Many of those who appear on the cover of i-D magazine also have interesting backstories with suspected links to the Illuminati or to other suspects associates of the Illuminati. For example, let’s take a closer look at Cara Delevingne, who appeared on the cover of i-D magazine with a creepy-looking black spider covering one of her eyes. She’s ‘besties’ with none other than suspected Illuminati-princess Rihanna, who has been friends with the model for a few years now. On numerous occasions, Delevingne has mentioned that Rihanna has taken her ‘under her wing’ or ‘looking after her,’ and is also rumored to have a wing designated to herself in one of Rihanna’s million-dollar homes.

Another interesting twist to i-D magazine is one of their logos, which is an inverted pentagram that appears on both the website and the YouTube presentation of i-D Video, which shows an interesting flickering mash-up of fashion-related and music-related clips that include music artists M.I.A and 2Chainz, as well as model Delevingne. Lots of one-eyed symbolism, of course – with a few other disturbing pieces of imagery, including the clip of one model covering a single eye of a male and female model before slowly closing her own eye – more than a tad creepy.