The Skeptic Point of View

In this website, you can see lots of unbelievable and unexplainable facts but they are all real. It is unbelievable because they are not yet understood. Some people, who call themselves skeptic (because of their “careful” thinking), usually find a way to discard certain facts. They even fight by any means theories which are not officially accepted by the scientific institution. In a way, skeptics resemble ancient inquisitors. They are the defenders of the religion “Science”. Let’s take a look now at how they think and why we should always keep an open mind to any new theory, even if it is hard to believe. Never forget that lots of theories which are now part of the science were hard to believe when first introduced to society.

What the skeptic typically does is he takes an event or a theory which he considers paranormal or mystical and tries to discredit it. So when a theory is first introduced, the skeptic will show any contradicting evidence he can to discredit it. But once this theory is accepted by the officials of the scientific institutions, the skeptic will then concede and accept the new theory. Skeptics have been known to act like this even when the theory doesn’t correspond to the facts, such as with the Darwin theory and all of its mistakes If we study carefully the skeptic behavior we could say they are in fact believers and not skeptics as they say. They believe in the scientific institution and defend it with tooth and nail but discard everything which isn’t admitted by this institution. The result is that skeptics can never discover new theories or facts and will always reject new theories which may be accepted as true in the future. On the contrary, during our history lots of men and women have found new ways to think and were rejected for this by society who accused them of being mad. Copernicus for example was persecuted by the Church, Einstein was persecuted for a time by the science institution and there exists numbers of other cases.

Furthermore, we mustn’t forget that some theories were first viewed as mystical and esoteric by the science institution and then later became accepted by the very same institution. The moon is the best example: some men said that it was the moon who generated tides. These thinkers were ignored by the scientific institution repeatedly until it finally realized that this was in fact true (Newton and his gravity theory). To be a real skeptic one must take into account all the facts without making exceptions, and think very carefully about all the different ways of explaining something. Charles Fort is the best example of a skeptic. He collected all sorts of strange facts in the world and tried to explain them without ignoring any details.

The skeptics didn’t help us to find new theories, we have now a very big job to do. Many scientists purposely forget important facts so theories would be easier to prove. We must revisit every theory and confront them with all the facts available. If the theory then proves false, it means that we need to change the theory so it will adapt to all the evidences available today, instead of hiding facts as done commonly today.