The Speed of Light is Changing? More info needed

I understand that the alpha constant is changing because the speed of light is changing. I am not a scientist nor do I have any formal qualifications, but this does in some way reflect biblical teaching. It was Solomon who first evaluated Pi while building the Temple but prior to this Moses actually achieved the impossible by discovering the speed of light. Naturally you would have to have accumulated some sort of Theological understanding to follow the reasoning, but it is nevertheless a fact. Moses the leader of the tribes of Israel calculated the speed of light to within 400 miles a second. Mind you Light may have been quicker then. However he also added the rate of decline of the speed of light and then its ultimate acceleration again. He declared that it would decrease to the lowest speed of 108100 miles per second and a crucial point seems to be around 151400 miles a second. After reaching its slowest speed it seems to accelerate again to 157600 before reaching its normal speed again of 186400 miles a second. Of course there is no actual span of time relating to our calendar that describes the rate of decline or accelaration
but I was wondering if there is anybody who could explain these figures scientifically?  It also seems to have some relationship to the four points of the compass, N,S,E,W! Would this make the sky darker or the Sun dimmer?